Gain Power spell

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Waning Crescent
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black candle (could be any color)
  • salt
  • clear gem stone
  • crystal ball
  • card(must be tarot or written paper with words or image of what you want)

gain what should be your.

Casting Instructions for 'Gain Power spell'

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Step one; sit across from the black candles and the crystal ball. In the form of a triangle. Have the card in which you wish to gain, leaning on the wall to the side. Dash a little bit of salt around the room near you. Pick up the clear gem. Step two; force all the emotions in which you want you or someone else to have towards what you wish to gain. Step three; hold the gem between your fingers like your pointing at the flame of the candle. Step four; tune in with the candle. Relax yourself. Touch the crystal ball with your finger tips of your free hand and start thinking about the person or the thing in which you desire. While pointing at the flame start to channel the energy from the gem in to candle. While the flame is going out of control glance at the card on the wall. Read it out loud. Next say this while looking at the flame.
?I attract and magnetize to me all that I need to get what I want.?
Blow out the candle after the feeling of success comes to you.
This is the end of the spell. Spell is stronger if after the spell is over you eat *green veggies and *lemon aid. Better to use during a * Waning Crescent
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