When In Doubt Look Up

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A clover
  • A book ( i recomend a bible but if you dont have one get a book that you can cut the pages very easily)
  • A picture of yourself
  • a Lighter
  • a bowl ( metal popcorn bowl small or big it dont matter)
  • A small bag
  • something that is strong to cut with.

When you do this it will not work instantly it will probably work aday later or so it depends. Add me as a friend im Syleste DO THIS AT NIGHT A COUPLE HOURS BEFORE YOU GO TO BED!!!!!!

Casting Instructions for 'When In Doubt Look Up'

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take the bowl and put the clover, the picture of you in it. Next take the lighter and burn the clover and the picture until there is some or a little ashes left. wait for the bowl to cool down. Take the ashes and put them in the small bag. open the book and cut the pages until there is a little box to wear the bag can fit and put it in the hole in the book. take the book and put it under your pillow. keep it therewhen you sleep and make your bed ( if you make your bed cause some people dont) keep the book under your pillow until you feel better. if this spell dont work message me.

This article was contributed by Syleste

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