The Scholar's Boost! Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A writing utensil
  • A marker/highlighter NOT SHARPIE!
  • A charm (ring, necklace charm,etc)
  • A minute or two before the test

For this spell to work, remember that you at least must have studied for the test. Probably for at least an hour. This spell is designed to only give you that nice little boost that either helps you get that extra minute, or the last figure to a formula, or even an inch of sympathy from your teacher! Good Luck!

Casting Instructions for 'The Scholar's Boost! Spell'

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1) First, using the marker you must draw a pentacle on your dominant hand's palm. Don't forget the circle that surrounds it! (HINT: I would recommend using a color that you like or feel is "lucky" or "scholarly". I use purple usually b/c that's my favorite color, but green is another good color to use as well)

2) Then, write your lucky number on BOTH HANDS. This one goes on the back of your hand. (EX: I use the number 2 b/c its my favorite number and my lucky number!)

3) Now, take your charm and you writing utensil (the one you will take the exam with) in your dominant hand (the one with the pentacle, close your eyes, and imagine that scholarly energy sinking from your head into the pencil and charm.

4) Chant the following:
"The grade that I need
Is just in my sight!
So give me a boost
Of scholarly light!"
(HINT: In my times using it, I usually chant this the number of times I wrote down on my hand, but feel free to repeat it as often as you'd like. Feel free to end it with a "so mote it be!" or any phrase that makes the spell feel more complete, if you will. But remember: Nothing stronger than the spoken word!)

5) Now give your charm a swift kiss to seal that energy you just gave it.

6) Take that writing utensil and trace the pentacle on your dominant hand to seal it. Don't forget to end it with the circle around the figure, ending exactly where your started.

Hope this helps those who desperately need help with studying but just end up with the short end of the stick. Good luck and don't forget to study!!!

Email me if you want to share your thoughts or results. I'm happy to help!


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