Bind a Wind

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Bind a wind of your choice into a easily releasable form.

Casting Instructions for 'Bind a Wind'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 21 7-inch white pieces of string.
  • Optional silver glitter
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 21 7-inch white pieces of string.
  • Optional silver glitter
On a windy day, go outdoors and cast a circle
Braid the 21 strings into seven braids
As you do, imagine a type of wind (e.g. dry, cold, ect.) rushing through each braid.
Mark the strings so that you remember which string is for each wind.
Use the glitter as a focus if you need it, and cast a gust of Magyic (and glitter) over the braids.
Proclaim: So mote it be

To summon a wind:
Undo a braid and throw the strings in the air. A wind will be summoned, probably of the type you requested (Not always, sometimes the winds are busy elsewhere).


Added to on Mar 15, 2012
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This is an old sailors spell to capture wind and help them at sea. Personally I have always question its logistics since you cannot control the elements, but you can store energy for later use.

Jun 24, 2019
Hang on! If you cant control the elements then why can I control the wind!

Jun 25, 2019
as Tadashi said, it's an old sailors trick, i've never used it, but it's like ''abracadabra'' it's just a spell from the old times. also, like he said, you're not controlling the wind, you are storing energy in each knot. when you undo a knot you are releasing that energy, and are hoping the energy will cause the weather to change. you're not controlling it any more than a prayer to stop the rain is controlling the weather. you're sending an intention out.

Aug 25, 2021
Is it possible that it’s not binding wind, but rather using your own energy to direct and manipulate it? I’ve never done this one but I have had some air manipulation spells that work very well

Mar 17, 2024
@Nekoshema how do I post spells here? I would like to post some.

Mar 18, 2024
@Boo_Baby, please don't take this the wrong way, but from what I've seen from your post, you're still learning, so I feel you need more practice before you post spells [there's enough non-working spells on the site and as an editor, it gets exhausting fixing these spells] Please, before posting, make sure these spells work and are formatted correctly with no missing steps, spelling, or grammar issues. That said, you need to be a council member in a coven. [I'm also going to warn you, should you post incomplete spells, you'll probably get people telling you it either doesn't work, or how to fix the spell. Don't get upset, that's what this site is for, to learn about witchcraft and help those new to the craft]

Mar 18, 2024
Weather Magik is real, but it's not as simple as many believe it to be. You are harnessing the energy and trapping it in the knots. This is a type of binding and how knot Magik works. As you undo the knots, you release the energy. Each knot you undo unleashes more energy and to release them all will conjure a storm. It is difficult to do this correctly, and not everyone can preform weather Magik. You might be skilled in herbalism while another is skilled in candle Magik. This does not mean you cannot learn these forms of Magik, it means it will be more difficult and your spells might not be as potent as one who is naturally adept in that form.

This is not the same as controlling the element. You cannot point at someone and psychically tell the wind to pink them up and throw them. What is possible is to focus your energy and call on the element to help you in a casting. The wind might pick up because it is present, but it will not conjure a hurricane out of nowhere.

This spell requires you to conjure the wind as you cast this spell and capture the energy in each knot. You can call on the elements, most Witches call on them when they cast a circle. According to historic lore, the Witch would then sell this knot spell to a sailor who would undo the knots when they need a breeze at sea. Anyone who is adept enough to cast this correctly would not be going around undoing knots to blow away enemies. It also does not work inside because, again, it still follows natural laws. You might notice the windows rattling because the wind is picking up outside. You are not controlling the element, you are working with it and binding the energy for later use. Think of when you charge an object. Knot spells are the same thing.

I would like to post a spell but I have no clue how to do so. And how long do you need to be on the site before I can make my own coven?

Apr 06, 2024
I see you've joined Teen Witches Coven [good coven for beginners. I was a member when I was in my teens] so that's step one to posting spells. You need to be a council member of a coven. Council members typically have shown their knowledge and are granted the ability to post spells and articles. As for creating a coven, that's a feature which was removed nearly 20 years ago. People were making covens with 0-2 members and then leaving the site, so Pet cleaned up the area and only kept the ones you see today. You can apply to run a coven [with the stipulation you won't change what the coven is intended for. Like turning a Wicca coven into a Satanic coven] but it's almost impossible to become a coven leader that way. Trust me, I applied when I was 18 and it still says ''You have already applied, you cannot apply again.'' How I became priestess of Divine Essense Coven for almost a decade [I stepped down a while ago because I had real-life stuff to worry about] was my friend was promoted to priest. [Sadly, once you step down, you can't go back to being the leader of that coven and need to find a new coven to lead] Part of me misses it, but a bigger part of me doesn't. Being a council member gives you nearly the same results [you just can't add/remove members from the coven]

Apr 08, 2024
Thank You @Nekoshema!

Apr 08, 2024
Hey @Nekoshema, can I add you?

Apr 08, 2024
You can [you can also mail me if you want] I'm not on as much anymore, but I try to check-in at least once a month.

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