Bind a Wind


21 7-inch white pieces of string.
Optional silver glitter


Bind a wind of your choice into a easily releasable form.

Spell Casting

On a windy day, go outdoors and cast a circle
Braid the 21 strings into seven braids
As you do, imagine a type of wind (e.g. dry, cold, ect.) rushing through each braid.
Mark the strings so that you remember which string is for each wind.
Use the glitter as a focus if you need it, and cast a gust of Magyic (and glitter) over the braids.
Proclaim: So mote it be

To summon a wind:
Undo a braid and throw the strings in the air. A wind will be summoned, probably of the type you requested (Not always, sometimes the winds are busy elsewhere).
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