Look Deep Into Someone's Mind

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Read peoples minds, everything they are thinking of. It is also a spell for beginners.

Casting Instructions for 'Look Deep Into Someone's Mind'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None


"Mind reader
I see it
Help me achieve it"

Repeat this 3x.



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Last edited on Nov 17, 2019
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i tried it did not work.. what am i doing wrong?

Jul 25, 2019
1. Really try thinking about the person you want to read. 2. You need belief

Can you look in the minds of the deseast or is that too dark?

Dec 08, 2020
If you try that be sure to set up protections, it can be very dangerous

Does said person have to be in a certain range of you?

Sep 27, 2021
I don't even know either!

Why didn't it work?! hmmm

Nov 17, 2019
It didn't work because a enchantment can't give you abilities . Mind reading is a art form that 1 must learn and hone.

The first time I tried it, it didn’t not work. Would having a specific person in mind help?

Jan 13, 2020
you should focus on the person with any spell, otherwise, it's as if you're throwing a dart at a dartboard, blindfolded, and fifty feet away. [possible, but highly unlikely to hit]

Sep 27, 2021
Well, did it work?

I tried it but i get a headache and sometimes i feel emotions and sometimes i get the name of who the person is thinking of

Dec 08, 2020
Who were you trying to contact? When I try this sometimes I feel the emotions of the person im trying to contact rather than here an answer.

This does not work.

Oct 03, 2020

Nov 15, 2022
It might not at the start, but it takes practice

Nov 16, 2022
It will not work period. Humans do not have the ability to read minds. You cannot cast a spell and get a perfect picture of ones mind. Even if it was possible, it would take more than saying ''i want to read minds'' for it to work. You can strengthen psychic abilities with practice, but they will not give you the power to see into peoples minds. It will help you with divination and connecting with the divine. This spell is 100% nonsense.

I'm always getting told to get out of people's head.i really don't mean to to .im not even sure how i get in there in the first place .

My hole life i think i have i have been told to stay out of peoples head .or that it's rude to enter someones head with out asking . Andi get told that by Al kinda of different people even people I've only meet once or twice .i don't even know how I get in there heads.or how to stay out of there head .

Does this work? Yes or no

Dec 08, 2023
As it is written, no. Reading people is an effect of practice and developing awareness of subtle non-verbal cues, Especially body-language. Then combining that with energetic sensitivity and (for some) the ability to see or feel auras.

It is a multi-faceted skill that has nothing directly to do with tapping directly into another person's 'head' or thoughts. It is about becoming aware of (and sensitive to) the energy and expressions they are projecting out. Saying a few words a few times would do nothing towards developing such a skill. To develop into this it takes learning and study and practice.

Some people, like myself, do have a natural leaning towards being some measure of empathic. Which means they have a sensitivity (akin almost to a vulnerability) to the effects of the emotions of others. For se, to the point of having physical reactions to the overt emotional expressions of others. Anger causes intense tension, for example. To the point it can feel like a physical wave pushing through you as your muscles tense and adrenaline kicks in. Or when people are sad and grieving, even people you don't know, you can feel sympathy-pain towards their sadness which goes beyond feeling sad 'for' them to sharing the same feelings of loss.

But, even then, learning to make use of such a predisposition and developing it into something useful (instead of overwhelming) takes time, practice, study, and also introspection. You want to understand people, and understand yourself. Learn how emotions work, what drives them, the facets of human nature that are involved with them. Psychology, sociology, philosophy, -and- spirituality are all important things to study.

I guess, long story short, this kind of practice is a journey you need to take. No spell will bypass that. And even natural inclination needs development of its own.

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