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Name: ashstark24
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Hello there:) you can call me Ash, I'm nearly 16, and I am a strong believer that there is something far bigger than the human race out there. A magickal web, connecting all forms of life, a web that we can tap into.I'm fairly new to the craft, but my main practices are:

  • Runes
  • Herbalism
  • Lunar magick
  • Crystal magick
  • Candle magick
  • Healing magick
  • Elemental magick
  • Binding spells (only good ones)
  • Astral projection (still working on that!)

and a few other things.I am a Pisces, and I have a very close bond with water, and the alchemy symbol of water. I'm here to learn a few things, improve my casting and hopefully to make some friends. Feel free to message me any time!:)