Two Mind Reading Spells

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Warning: You can not be affended easily or I wouldn't do this spell. Just in case their thinking bad about you, I don't want you go running off to them saying that was a mean thing you thought about me, unless they are a witch too.

Casting Instructions for 'Two Mind Reading Spells'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You
  • Memorized spell (preferably)
  • Focusing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You
  • Memorized spell (preferably)
  • Focusing
First spell:
Look at your chosen person, carefully focusing, study everything, movement, emotions, and think deep thoughts about them, while still focusing. Then say as much as you please:

O worthy ones from above, and below, let me see what the person my eyes meet to sees. Let me see everything they see, let me think everything they think. By the power of 8, so mote to be.

Then blink 10 times, and close your eyes.

Second spell:
O, ones that stand from above and below, let me enter the mind of (first and last name). Let me see there thoughts, as I shall be able to talk with their thoughts. Let me see what they are seeing. By the power of 8, so mote to be.

Then, slowly close your eyes.


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Do we have to say both spells or one?

May 10, 2019
one because it said 2 spells in one so we can say one or the other

I like thIs spell to say

Does this really work?

Sep 03, 2020
Nothing and everything works or doesn’t.

Oct 23, 2020
What does ''Nothing and everything works or doesn’t'' mean? You're ''speaking'' in riddles.

lplease work please work please work please work

Oct 23, 2020
Random thing: I love your profile pic!!

You cannot physically read somebody's mind. You can try to read their mind by noticing on how they are acting. But you cannot physically read the persons mind.

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