Book of Shadow Protection

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A little enchantment to protect you BOS from unwanted eyes.

Casting Instructions for 'Book of Shadow Protection'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Dragon's Blood incense (optional)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Dragon's Blood incense (optional)

The dragon's blood incense will help you relax and also helps to boost your magickal powers. Be somewhere quiet with no distractions and take a couple deep breaths to clear your mind. Put your hands on either side of your BOS and say the following:

"Every day and every night,
What I write is for only my sight
Unless I twist the lock and say it's okay
The reader will be confused, and put the book away
Wandering eyes wont give it a second look,
Because to them, its just another book.
As I find a place for it to hide,
Only me and my trusted ones will see,
What is truly on the inside.
Invited shall the blessing be;
Threefold thrice as three times three.
This is my will, so mote it be!"


Added to on Dec 10, 2013
Last edited on May 09, 2017
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I've used something similar in the past, it works, people just overlook it as just another book on the shelf. I've heard of some where others in the house even forget the book exists.

Thanks for the spell now I can protect my top secret spells

This is a cool spell. Does it have a stronger effect with the dragon blood incense?

Jul 27, 2023
Dragon's Blood Incense is generally used to increase the power of a spell, so yeah!

Thanks. The risk of my mum finding my BOS is high so I needed this

what does 'BOS' stand for?

Dec 14, 2019
Book of Shadows

May 30, 2020
Book of Shadows. It is a witch's journal, where you put information, spells, dreams, experiences from AP(Astral Projection), and more. You can choose what you want. You can even hide your BOS from prying eyes, with the spell above as a technique.

Im pretty sare this works i did it and my little sister just said oh pretty and started talking about something the past she would ask for it

May 30, 2020
It worked😏

I have a book, it's not a BOS, but i don't want people going through it. Would this work. I wanna use this so i don't forget where i hid it. Tldr: stupid kid has a stupid question

Jul 14, 2022
This should be effective for any book you want. The working is in effect a glamour intended to help the chosen object be below conscious notice. Or, basically, hidden in plain sight.

As a note, it still helps if the book is something that already blends in and seems like it belongs. Keep the book alongside other books on your shelf. So it is one among many. If it is somewhere it wouldn't normally belong (like between the nattresses) then it will stand out and grab attention instead. It will present a mystery to be solved, which creates a desire to investigate and is counter-productive. The more protective you are of a thing, the more people will want to know - why- you are protecting it.

If it is a notebook, keep it with your other notebooks. If it is a hardcover, keep it among your other hardcovers. If it is a binder, set it with your schoolwork as if it was just for another topic you were studying. If it is some form of album or scrapbook, keep it with your art supplies. ...That sort of thing.

Oh, and the only foolish question is the one that goes un-asked. Questions remove ignorance- It is within statements that ignorance is revealed. ... Unless the question is; How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? That question is silly, because everyone knows that a woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck! *Nods sagely*

Jul 21, 2022
thank you @Spirit76 now no one will be able to steal my ideas >:D

I would edit the chant so it flows better, but it is a working protection for your Book of Shadows or Grimoire.

It just worked im a baby witch and this is my first spell i've ever casted and it actually worked like my mom saw the book and then shes just like nothing happened and she didnt saw it

Aug 14, 2023
Is there any still witches here?

I used this chant for my BoS protection sigil. It works like a charm, nobody sees my BoS anymore(considering that it's digital, that's an extra cool thing, to me)!

just casted lets see if it works

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