Book of Shadow Protection


Dragon's Blood incense (optional)


A little enchantment to protect you BOS from unwanted eyes.

Spell Casting

The dragon's blood incense will help you relax and also helps to boost your magickal powers. Be somewhere quiet with no distractions and take a couple deep breaths to clear your mind. Put your hands on either side of your BOS and say the following:

"Every day and every night,
What I write is for only my sight
Unless I twist the lock and say it's okay
The reader will be confused, and put the book away
Wandering eyes wont give it a second look,
Because to them, its just another book.
As I find a place for it to hide,
Only me and my trusted ones will see,
What is truly on the inside.
Invited shall the blessing be;
Threefold thrice as three times three.
This is my will, so mote it be!"
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