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Name: DezzyT
Birthday: Aug 29 1996
Location: York, PA
Gender: Female
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You can call me Dez. I'm solitary and I study different things about magick whenever I become curious. I've studied the basic basics. I've read a little on spirit guides and animals, divination (a few types), contacting spirits (a few methods), runes, and some other things. I have a little experience in weather magick and luck spells. I'm pretty good at reading into people- as in what kind of person they are and what goes on in their head. I know a few things but I don't know everything as nobody else knows everything either. I'm not too familiar with herbs or most types of spell 'additions' (like incense and crystal use etc.). though i am currently looking into herbs and potion making. Ill help anyone who needs it, provided that they aren't strangers to the Newbie Central. i should be able to get on at almost any time and I'll probably get on frequently now. perhaps only to check my mail, but i will try to get on often. Forgive my typos and other errors, most of the time i can only get on from my phone. Things I will not do: *respond to mail from newbies that know literally nothing about magick. (Not meaning any offense but like i said, Newbie Central) *respond to mail that even slightly resembles flirting. *cast spells for anyone *try to help you if you haven't tried to help yourself