Banishing Negative Energy

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This is a spell that can help remove negative energy one has accumulated over time.

Casting Instructions for 'Banishing Negative Energy'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sea salt
  • Five white candles
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sea salt
  • Five white candles

Before I begin, allow me to explain how negative energy works. According to the philosophical belief, "Law of attraction", what one puts in is what one receives. In other words, if one is full of negativity, one attracts unfortunate outcomes. If one holds positive energy, one attracts fortunate, or better outcomes. It is important to dispose of negative energy, especially when casting a spell meant to bring fortune.

First, use the sea salt to create a circle large enough for one to be able to sit in a meditative position.  The purpose of the sea salt is to transfer the negative energy from the person to the sea salt, and cleaner energy from the sea salt to the intended person. Then, place the five candles around the sea salt circle as if forming a pentagram. The purpose of the candles is for uncrossing or aids the intended person to clear their mind.  Next, sit in the middle of the circle, and meditate for about 15 to 20 minutes. Visualize the exchange in energies. Feel the mind and body becoming calmer. Finally, after 15 to 20 minutes, blow out the candles. Dispose of the sea salt, for it cannot be reused due to the negative energy it holds. 

Blessed be.


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simple working cleanse, but depending on how much negative energy you have it might take more/less time. you should feel calm, relaxed, happy and ''lighter'' [think about how you felt after a relaxing day, good nights sleep, or otherwise carefree time]

Jul 08, 2019
You are absolutely right. Depending on the amount of negative energy accumulated, the timing will be different for each person. When I performed this, I written the timings based on myself. I had forgotten to mention that timing varies for each individual. Thank you for stating this.

Jul 14, 2019
Exactly. if you have been cursed or have evil spirits in your house, then this spell might be a little too weak. As you said, it depends on the amount of negative energy

Aug 29, 2019
The main objective for this spell is to remove negative energy, not removing evil spirits nor curses.

Can the candles be tealight?

Dec 27, 2019
I believe that the candles can be any type of pure white candle. I’m still learning but I think that any pure candle would work.

Can someone tell me how to actually save a spell to my account?

Jul 05, 2023
You'll notice right below this there's something that says ''mark this spell as a'' then links to ''Favourite,'' ''Print Spell,'' and ''Spam.'' Click on ''Favourite'' and it'll be saved to your favourites [click on your profile and in the upper right corner will be a series of links, one of which is ''favourites''] you can put spells, articles and forum threads in this section.

Will this spell work for my loved one? He’s the one I’d like to protect

Oct 13, 2023
If you mean that you want to perform this yourself but for the benefit of a loved one, It might be do-able but it would be more difficult as it would be a 'remote' process involving channeling. Basically you would need to hold your loved one in your thoughts, performing the process on yourself but maintaining the idea that you are only a guiding presence, and act as if the loved one was within the circle with you.

In all honesty it would be easier for your loved one to do this theirself. I mean, have you ever had a shower to get mud off of someone else's skin?

As a note, this would indeed be a good process as a cleansing. As described it is heavily focused on clearing away/washing off negative energy/attachments. ...However there isn't any part of the process dedicated directly to affirming a protection against those energies trying to return. Now, for more experienced people this isn't necessarily a problem because building up positivity within the self does in itself push away negativity. But psychology plays a large part as many people create vulnerability doubting their safety. If you believe there is a weakness, then there becomes one. ...It's an ''action follows thought'' thing. So, I tend to suggest that a person take some sort of affirmative action/confirmation during or after a cleanse like this. Something simple, like a personal declaration that once you are cleansed, you will stay that way.

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