Finding your Element

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This spell helps you find your element if you don't know what it is.

Casting Instructions for 'Finding your Element'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing

Close your eyes and be relaxed like a monk. Nothing can make you mad. Cup your hands together but leave some room in your hands but don't have a open space where air can come in. When you do that just wait for energy in your hands

  • for fire you will feel the heat in your hands getting burning hot
  • for wind you will feel a breeze moving around in your hands
  • for water you will feel like there's water sitting in your hands
  • for earth you will feel your hands just drying up like a desert


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It works

May 08, 2019
Ya! And what is your element

I don't know if it works bc I felt all if them (One at a time)

Mar 15, 2019
You don't have just one element. We are all the elements and can learn from all the elements so you should work with all the elements. We may feel a strong connection to one over another but that's just personal experiences and not because we have one specific element [i feel more connected to water over air, as a kid I was very connected to fire, where now I'm more drawn to earth. You can call on different elements at different times for different reasons. No need to choose just one]

So once i do this is there any way to make the element physical

Mar 16, 2019
The elements are already physical, they are all around us, both within ourselves and within nature. If you are asking if you can manifest or create the element physically with magick, then no, you can't do that.

is it possible to feel more than one. (in my case water, air, and fire)

May 06, 2019
you're not one element, you are all the elements. depending on a variety of factors you might feel connected to one more than another, but we are meant to connect with all of them and live in balance with each one

I can feel sweat in my hands, dryness, warming , and windy

So i felt warmth but not like it says in the Description ''Burning hot'' . Does this have anything to do with the strength of the Bond to the Element?

Jun 30, 2019
you are fire and i am not dure about the strength thing

How do you cup your hands together

I did it and it works. I have fire element

at first, I had doubt but now I am sure that I am wind but this also helped me find that I possess powers of fire and water just they are weak

Usually I'm fire or earth. Today I'm Water and Air :/

Aug 16, 2019
we connect with all the elements, and which one we feel most drawn to can change depending on where we are in life [age, stress, needs]

It works i got FIRE i thought i was water hehehe

My element is fire

Nice! I got Fire

Ok so when I did this, the light in the room I was in went out. But when I left the room, the light came back on. What does this mean?

Mar 27, 2020
It also felt as if I had an electric jolt go through my body.

Mar 27, 2020
The light had a short, or it was old and going out. It happened to me once when I was casting, the light started flickering a few days later, it burned out completely. If you want a more spiritual explanation, you charged a lot of energy for a fake spell, and with nowhere else to go, it stayed in your body [hense the jolt feeling] and the energy pooled in the room, messing with the electrical energy in the room. If this spell does work [which I doubt because we are all the elements, not just one element] you would be fire since electricity is an energy similar to fire.


This definitely helped me find what element I'm most connected to. I'm most connected to Fire, with a close second being Water. I actually didn't feel Air or Earth.

Jan 19, 2021
I understand my connection with both of these elements actually. I've always had abnormally warm palms, even in the winter and snow, so I understand my connection to Fire, and I've also always felt a connection to the ocean, as well as I've always felt at home when swimming, so I also understand my connection to Water.

Hot dog! I’m a fire one but uh

My hands felt hot but then they started to get cold and could feel a light brez between my hands what does that mean?

Mar 17, 2024
my hands kept going between hot and cold and like I said ''I could feel a light brez.'' Can someone help me find my element?

Mar 17, 2024
Now one hand is really cold and ond hand is really hot and I can feel air going trow my hands. What does it mean?

Mar 17, 2024
First, by the blast of several comments in a row on this spell, I would say the mixed and fluctuating energy would come from a lack of patience. You are grasping for experiences instead of allowing things to be, and just observing.

There are several things that might be causing such fluctuations and sensations of movement and temperature. Both energetic, and mundane. It could be that energy is flowing outward to the area between your hands, then flowing inwards back into your body. Your energy could be expanding and contracting in time to your breath. Your breath itself could simply be blowing between your hands. Or there could, simply, be a fan nearby.

Mar 17, 2024
Apparently a chunk of my reply got chopped off somehow. Sorry about the double-post...

I would recommend doing the exercise again. But treat it as a lesson in observation. Be calm. Relax. Don't concern yourself with translating your experiences. Just breathe and pay attention. Energy expresses itself in many ways, not just in terms of a particular element. That is more of an attachment we make ourselves anyways.

'Warm' and 'cold' are functions of presence versus absence. If an object is hot, it has an abundance of energy, which it radiates or sheds inwards. You touch it, and that object has more energy-more heat than your skin. So it feels hot. That energy is transferring to you as you absorb the heat. Just as a cold object does not posess 'coldness'. It doesn't have more 'cold' energy, has an absence of heat- an absence of energy. You touch it with your warm hand, and it isn't giving you 'cold'. It is taking away heat-which makes you feel cold. Likewise, heat in energy means a presence or abundance. Or outward/radiating movement. While cold energy means there is an absence in a 'pulling away' of energy.

@Spirit76 tried it again but it did the same thing I made sure that I was not near a fan and I made sure I was not breathing towards my hands. What element am I though? I really don't understand. I put more concentration in the spell.

You do not have an element. We work with all of the elements. You might feel drawn to one or two more than others, but this does not mean it is your element. It is the element that calls to you at that point in your life. The goal is to achieve balance between all elements. Furthermore, the air, fire, water, earth is only one traditions set. Wood, metal, plasma, aether, spirit, chaos, and many more have been called on. When we charge Magikal energy into our body, your feel warm because you are charging energy. Unless you focus on a specific element, you will feel warm. It does not mean your element is fire. Reflect on each element, what the energy represents, how you feel about it, and what ways you connect or feel drawn to the element in your life. This can help you narrow down which element you are connecting with and how it can help you. You might connect with fire for its power, but you struggle with your emotions. Therefore, even if you find it dull, connecting with water would help you. This does not mean you cannot utilize fire, but it does mean water can help you balance your emotions. Fire might work better for spells. This is why your grimoire, or journal, is so important.

Mar 18, 2024
Thank You!

Mar 18, 2024
Okay bit me if you want. I tried it one last time with more concentration and in a quiet room and my hands started to feel cold and like someone was rubbing fuzz on my hands. What does that mean? I have an emotional connection with water.

Mar 19, 2024
Boo_Baby, I am only harsh with those who do not take my faith seriously. You asked a genuine question, so do not assume I will be cruel. If you were calling on an element and you already have a connection with water, then you have your answer. You channeled a water elemental. As for the fuzz feeling, this is a sign you charged energy correctly. Tingling is a common sensation people will feel when they charge energy. TV static, pulsing, warmth are common signs. You could also try making a psi ball and as you move your hands, you should feel a slight resistance like two positively charged magnets repelling each other. Magik is an energy, it usually vibrates fast, hence why you would feel hot. If you were calling on the water elements, consciously or subconsciously, the energy would be calmer, so you might not feel as warm as if you were charging neutral energy or another elemental energy.

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