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Name: ironjack50
Location: mumford tx
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i have been to the gates of hell because of my past and i wish for nothing more but to have peace in mind
also all my life i have been beaten to near death but if i did something to someone then i take the hits because that the person that i am and i'll never change myself
everyone told me that i should get pay back but they will get whats coming to them thats how life works
i have study magic about five years because i found out that my grand mother study magic she made it rain in front of me and i thought if i could do that then i could make people happy and then i could have more friends
there is one thing i should tell u don't get on my bad side its the reason i have alot of enemies
but there is a one thing i want the most in life, immortality the reason why is i just don't want to die its bad just to see the gates alone i don't want to die like everyone
things i have worked on
elements:fire water and wind
strength spell
trying to make a never feel pain spell but still need to work on it
rain spells got the hang of calling them
and werewolf spells don't judge me because all my life i wanted to become a werewolf and so i'm going to keep praticeing it
oh yeah i have a spelling problem