Cast A Fire Ball

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Learn some battle magic!

Casting Instructions for 'Cast A Fire Ball'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • Magical Ability
  • Strong Emotion
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • Magical Ability
  • Strong Emotion
When you are in a battle you don't exactly have time to cast a long spell, so you need a quick spell of offense. This is a non-verbal spell so you have to be at least able to cast some light.

1. Gather up a strong emotion (anger, jealously or revenge might do well).
2. Put all that emotion into your hands.
3. Release all of that emotion

It may not happen the first time, but if you try it will come. If you want private tutoring just mail me.


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I want to learn please teach me

Jan 18, 2019
Sorry but magick doesn't work this way, you aren't going to be able to create a physical fire ball with magick.

Mar 07, 2019
Well it is theoretically possible but I doubt anyone has actually done it.

The closest you'll ever get to a fireball is probably a psiball full of elemental fire energy. Even so, it won't physically burn anything or anyone. It also won't be seen by physical eyes. Physical fire requires that some physical material burns. Even if it was possible to throw fireballs with magic, you would probably burn your hands.

My hands got really warm, is that good?

Feb 27, 2021
A placebo, probably. Or it's actual energy that you pooled into your hands to form a energy ball. Not a fire ball either way since that would be impossible

Feb 28, 2021
I think you charged energy, maybe created a psi ball. You can't create a fireball, but I think you did focus energy.

You cannot cast fireballs with Real magik. This defies natural law, magik is ruled by nature, ergo, you cannot.

Jan 22, 2022
magik is a physics we dont understand yet

Jan 22, 2022
Magik is an energy. Each realm has different possibilities and limitations. In the physical realm, it is limited by nature. That is a fact of Magik. If you wish to ignore that fact and waste your time on impossible nonsense like shooting fireballs, go for it. I am simply stating a fact and letting you do with it what you will.

My hand was kinda heavy and my muscles in pain and my hand kinda hot when I stopped thinking I felt a slight burn like when your hands get wet with cold water but the feeling was slighter the emotions I used didn't really work they used to work in the past maybe it's my imagination or I'm sleepy and I can't concentrate I don't know you're the professional here not me and let me mention that I felt something like someone was watching me i don't know

I feel like this could work but only like from a dnd standpoint you know like you need material to burn to cast like anything will burn if the heat is to much and if there is oxygen like what lava does if anything gets to close it goes on fire because the object can't old that much Kinetic energy so it bursts into flames now if we can confirm that we can create psi orbs and throw them or levetate then and such we can create a fireball per say but you might burn your hands so where gloves or find somthing to use like a wand just my theory

Jul 25, 2022
Magic like this unfortunately only exists within fiction. As flashy and dramatic as it might be to imagine, this is the stuff of books and movies.

Fire needs three things. Fuel, Oxygen, and enough heat to cause a chemical reaction. Fire is the result of a physical material (like wood) being heated to a point where the excited molecules start gobbling up oxygen (oxidizing) and gaining more energy which is released as heat and light. They call it the fire triangle- a quick Google search can produce a wealth of information on the subject. But, where the science lesson becomes relevant to us, is that magic has no way to provide or substitute fuel, oxygen, or heat. And if any one of those three pillars is not sufficiently present, fire will not happen. The only way to create fire from one's fingertips is through a flamethrower. ... Or a similar mechanism.

Where a practice like this might see some validity is as a conceptualization of building and releasing a psi ball (or similar construct) made from the energy of elemental fire. Which also need not be 'anger', 'jealousy', etc. Earth energy is typically firm, stable, sheltering, and healing. Associated with growth. Water is an element of motion and change, personal emotion and depth. Air/wind tends to be associated with the intellect, thought, and engagement of the mind. And fire is generally a direct expression of will and action. Effecting change and transformation. If you want to marry the ideas of energy-working and elemental magic, consider these concepts as you reach for and attract towards yourself the desired energies.

No amount of practice or will is able to generate fire. However with practice and knowledge one can connect with the nature of what the elements represent, and use that to create a desired feel and purpose to one's energy.

I felt a pulsing feeling is that weird

May 11, 2023
Not weird. You charged magickal energy into your body [you can then use it to make psy balls and that's also how you would charge a spell with magick] Make sure you ground your energy when you're done. Otherwise, there will be an imbalance in your body and that could make you feel sick.

I want to learn

Jan 12, 2024
Me too

Jan 12, 2024
You can learn how to make balls of energy, but they won't be physical fireballs that can burn things.

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