Make a Demonic Blade (Convexity Enchantment)

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This will turn any mortal blade, into a demon slaying sword.

Casting Instructions for 'Make a Demonic Blade (Convexity Enchantment)'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A sword or dagger
  • A fire or candles
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A sword or dagger
  • A fire or candles

Unsheathe the sword or dagger and hold the blade in the fire of your bonfire (candles) and then chant:

"Lucifer angelus perditionis invoco virtutem tuam magnam et commoda profanis gladio."

Then hold it in front of you and chant the final incantation:

"Clamo ad te maiorem potestatem primordiorum infundere mortalis mucro convexitate et daemonis gladio."


Added to on Mar 23, 2020
Last edited on Apr 30, 2020
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You cannot transform a physical blade into a ''demon slaying sword.'' You can enchant tools to use in your craft, but the spell is a bunch of made up nonsense.

Apr 14, 2020
Tadashi I am sorry if that is what you think, but thats your I will leave you alone on that But I do wanna say this: please be a little more respectfull, instead of saying that what I have made ''is a bunch of made up nonsense'' you could also say what I did wrong...or give people hints on how to do it better....because I am kinda getting offended by your reactions!

Apr 14, 2020
I call it how I see it because I am tired of my faith being overrun by nonsense. You cannot make stuff up and expect people to simply agree with you. This does not work because you do not understand how Real Magic works. If you did, you would not have written this. I mentioned how you can bless tools to be used in rituals, that is real. What you described, claiming you turn a physical blade into a ''demon slaying sword'' I can tell you are making it up. Demons are not as common as popular culture would make you believe, they do not behave how it is seen in movies, and if you need assistance dispelling a demon, it is far easier than a sword fight. Do more research before submitting more make believe spells onto the site, we have enough fake spells already.

Spyro, despite what Tadashi said, it is possible just not through this magic and never by invoking Lucifer as he leads the demons

Mar 03, 2024
There is a fundamental flaw in the idea of 'slaying' demons that tends to go overlooked. As incorporial, ethereal beings of energy they are spirits/souls. Be they astral, abysmal, infernal, heavenly, or otherwise (humans included) Soul is immutable. Best you could hope for would be to repel or banish an entity, or temporarily weaken it ('injure', in a manner of speaking) by disrupting or diffusing its energy.

Mar 04, 2024
No, Tadashi's correct as usual. He explained why the spell is flawed [you cannot transform a physical object into an astral object like a ''demon blade'' to slay demons with] be he DID mention you can enchant a physical object to make it a spiritual tool. [an Athame for example, it's a physical blade, but Witches enchant it and use it to direct and cut spiritual energy] As outlined, this spell is clearly written by someone who wants to sound cool and doesn't actually practice witchcraft. Can you edit it to work? Yes [again, Tadashi mentioned it is plausible]

As for invoking Lucifer, Lucifer's not evil. Demons aren't evil either. Lucifer helps people who struggle with confidence and advocating for themselves [free will stuff] demons are similar. Just as people work with angels for guidance in situations [there's an angel for protecting children, an angel of love, and angel for safe travel, and angel for wisdom, so on] there are demons who help with similar things. The issue is, people don't know how to work with these energies, and humans don't understand how demons work [see also faeries, Dragons, angels and basically any other spiritual being] so what we might perceive as ''evil'' a demon would see as direct or even a necessary sacrifice toward a goal. If you don't know how to work with any spiritual being [angel, demon, faerie, Dragon] and you upset them, things can get ugly for you because they're teaching you why you should respect your commitments. This is also why many Satanists [especially those in The Satanic Temple, which is probably the most common one you'll meet] can come across as mean. One of the sins in their faith is ignorance, and according to their faith, they have the religious right to belittle you for your ignorance. Demons are similar. They're nice, but if you show them your true colours, they will give it right back. Most people who have had bad experiences with ''demons'' or ''evil spirits'' is the result of the person asking the spirit for something in exchange for something else. The person gets what they wanted, then goes ''You know what, you're not real, so I'm not going to buy that expensive wine I promised you.'' and the next thing they know, they're haunted.

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