Demon Banishment/Exorcism

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This will banish a demon from an area, from you, or from another person. The demon will recognize the words you are saying automatically and try to shut you up, so be sure to memorize the exorcism completely to avoid failing to expel the demon.
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Casting Instructions for 'Demon Banishment/Exorcism'

Locate the possessed person. If this person is you and you are trying to expel the demon from your body, you need to have total control and focus. If there is no possessed person but there is a demon, simply recite the chant and maybe a verse from the Christian Bible.

"Regna terrae,
cantata Deo,
psallite Cernunnos.
Regna terrae,
cantata Dea,
psallite Aradia.
Caeli Deus,
Deus terrae,
humiliter majestati gloriae tuae supplicamus.
Ut ab omni infernalium spirituum potestate,
Laqueo, and deceptione nequitia.
Omnis fallaciae, libera nos, dominates.
Exorcizamus you omnis immundus spiritus.
Omnis satanica potestas,
omnis incursio, Infernalis adversarii.
Omnis legio, omnis and congregatio secta diabolica.
Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, dominates.
Ut coven tuam secura tibi libertate servire facias.
Te rogamus, audi nos!
Ut inimicos sanctae circulae humiliare digneris.
Te rogamus, audi nos!
Terribilis Deus
Sanctuario suo,
Cernunnos ipse truderit virtutem plebi Suae,
Aradia ipse fortitudinem plebi Suae.
Benedictus Deus, Gloria Patri,
Benedictus Dea, Matri Gloria!"

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How important is the correct pronunciation of this? I do not know Latin. Will the spell still work if pronounced incorrectly?

Feb 26, 2019
I doubt this actually work but that's more personal opinion. If you don't speak Latin and don't know what you're saying it kind of defeats the whole "have conviction in your words" which the spell insists on. If you ronounce it incorrectly or stumble over words the spell won't be as powerful because you had to stop and start, or misspoke because, again, you don't speak Latin so you could be ordering food for all you know.

Oct 23, 2019
In spell casting you must get the pronounciations absolutely correct. In Latin simularly spelled words can have very different meanings. You dont want to be trying to bannish a demon using the words to order a pizza ya know.

Nov 12, 2019
i think the demand of departure from fosforos works better but you need to know the name of the one your talking to [Spirit], I thank you that you have heard my calling and approached us. Now, my many thanks with you, you are free to go: return to your freedom and into that current out of which you were drawn by my will. May the waters turn to their channels. Let there be no wrath but peace between us, the servants of the one and only God. I thank you; go. or if you speak latin Leay yli ziarite zelohave et negoramy zien latebm dama mecha ra meti ozira. Ite in pace a loca vostra et pax inter vos, redituri ad me quum vos invocavero, in nomine Patris, & Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen, Amen, Ameth. exceptions stated hear. When the time chosen for the calling has passed, the Command of Departure is read irrespective of how the spirits have answered. The wording of the beginning can be changed depending whether one or more spirits have been summoned, or if it is used to banish spirits that the magician has not conjured: the names of distinct spirits can be dropped, if the banishment is of a common kind.

This spell somons the demon blasphomy

Oct 31, 2019
If you spoke Latin you would know that this doesn't summon anything, least of all demonic forces.

Why would it end Blessed Goddess, mother of glory if it were a Christian based spell?

It means:Kingdoms; chanted God Sing Cernunnos. Kingdoms; chanted Dea Sing Arad. Heaven, The earth, humbly by the majesty of your glory: we pray you. In order that from every power of the infernal spirits, from their The trap and corrupt practices. Every deceit, free us dominates. Exorcise you every impure. Every satanic power every incursion of the, of the Hellish opposed to me. Every legion, every congregation and diabolical sect. From the snares, deliver us dominates. To coven may serve you liberty to do. Beseech thee to hear us! In order to crush down the enemies of holy ring. Beseech thee to hear us! terrible His sanctuary; Cernunnos the thrust power to his people; Arad the strength of his people. Blessed be God, the Father, Blessed Goddess Mother of Glory! "

Nov 19, 2019
Google translate is awesome

Why did I feel the spell was doing something to me?

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