Demon Banishment/Exorcism




This will banish a demon from an area, from you, or from another person. The demon will recognize the words you are saying automatically and try to shut you up, so be sure to memorize the exorcism completely to avoid failing to expel the demon.

Spell Casting

Locate the possessed person. If this person is you and you are trying to expel the demon from your body, you need to have total control and focus. If there is no possessed person but there is a demon, simply recite the chant and maybe a verse from the Christian Bible.

"Regna terrae,
cantata Deo,
psallite Cernunnos.
Regna terrae,
cantata Dea,
psallite Aradia.
Caeli Deus,
Deus terrae,
humiliter majestati gloriae tuae supplicamus.
Ut ab omni infernalium spirituum potestate,
Laqueo, and deceptione nequitia.
Omnis fallaciae, libera nos, dominates.
Exorcizamus you omnis immundus spiritus.
Omnis satanica potestas,
omnis incursio, Infernalis adversarii.
Omnis legio, omnis and congregatio secta diabolica.
Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, dominates.
Ut coven tuam secura tibi libertate servire facias.
Te rogamus, audi nos!
Ut inimicos sanctae circulae humiliare digneris.
Te rogamus, audi nos!
Terribilis Deus
Sanctuario suo,
Cernunnos ipse truderit virtutem plebi Suae,
Aradia ipse fortitudinem plebi Suae.
Benedictus Deus, Gloria Patri,
Benedictus Dea, Matri Gloria!"
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