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Name: Fox1Wanderer
Birthday: May 1 1991
Location: San diego, California 92101
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 21 Nov 2018
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I am a wanderer of life no more and no less, I am skilled in my knowledge and been placed to the test. Loss and Grief have been my company along my lonesome ways. I am here only for a minute to stay. I seek now my own truth nothing new I can gain from this place, I hope for a new direction to light me on my way as I have done for others many a day. Aside from my skills of Poetry as demonstrated just now, I am also skilled with most forms of magick, I follow the path known as Draconic Vampirism which means I learn from everything and adapt it to what I myself believe. I am neither good nor bad, neither Balance nor Chaos. But I do believe the most that there is a little of both in everything and everyone in existence of the labels that define our lives. I live my life in the middle and refuse to let anyone sway me one way or the other. I am willing to help others but I also can give lessons but I am no longer doing personal lessons for free unless you happen to be in some trouble. *I do have my morals to uphold and I very much value life over death* My abilities Include Dream work Translations, Healing aka Reiki, Visual Energy Manipulation, Long distance Energy Manipulation. I also deal with the SAFE communication of spirits. I can banish as well as summon spirits. If I can help with my services please contact me, if not I hope you can find the help you seek, Chaotic,Brightest,Darkest Blessings and all that Jazz. Also these day's you can also donate to the link on my profile to hire me to do spell work or divination work or teaching. Prices are dependent on Negotiation the link to donate is also listed here at (Update 9-14-2018)Coven applications are open for Dream Weavers a coven I run separate from SoM. Seeking both console and active members please mail me your applications to be sent the discord link. If your not accepted in person I will let you know why.; but my coven is 18+ so please bear in mind I am seeking mature people

Questions for the application to Dream Weavers

1.My coven is a +18 origin which means adult humor is a thing, are you of age and ok with this?

2.What is your history regarding Magick an the paranormal?

3.If accepted would you agree to get along with others who may have ideas opposite to yourself?

4.If accepted how much time per week do you think you could dedicate to being an active member?

I hope to be hearing from you.