FULL Mermaid Shifting Method

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The full mermaid shifting method, compiled thru multiple websites of information.Please keep in mind following this method can take anywhere from 1 year to fully physically shift, to four or more years to fully shift.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • time
  • concentration
  • willpower
  • being mermaidkin or merfolkkin helps

Casting Instructions for 'FULL Mermaid Shifting Method'

(ALL INFO TAKEN FROM : https://sites.google.com/site/mermaidshifting/home AND https://justmermaids.webs.com/shifting-ect AND http://mermaidblog14.blogspot.com/p/physical-shifting.html )

F shift/Fantasy shift: This is, in essence, basically just visualization and meditation. You have to imagine yourself as a mermaid, swimming around and doing whatever you think mermaids do! Its great for beginning, and helps you understand what you think your mermaid will look like, what the water against your skin will feel like, etc. It is important to note that you must meditate from the mermaid's/your point of view. Do not see yourself as a mermaid, see as if you were a mermaid, if that makes sense.

A shift/ Astral Shifting: While this shifting technique is very helpful and probably important, it is not necessarily needed to shift. Basically, it would be where you take your spirit out of your body, and go to an astral plane. There, you can shift your body into... pretty much whatever you want. Unfortunately, astral travel is insanely hard, and I have not yet figured out how to do it. Therefor, I will not be covering it in this site. If someone who knows how wishes to help, then that would be great.  

Ph-shift/ Phantom shifting: This type of shifting gets a lot of results, and is one thing that a lot of P shifters use to get them ready for shifting (talk about that down there). This is where you literally feel what the mermaid tail (and top, maybe) will feel like. You dont officially HAVE the tail, but the energy surrounding you lets you feel the tail as if it where actually there. A good example would be to, say, pinch a part of your arm. After you pinch it, wait a few seconds, and then imagine feeling that pinch on your arm again. You may not actually feel it, but at the same time, you might. 

M shift/Mental shifting: This ones going to be hard for us. This is where you change your mind to think like a mermaid, and you change your actions to that of a mermaid. Whats so hard about this, is that we don’t really know how mermaids act or think! However, I have compiled some ideas on how they might act, and how you can use that into your daily life. 

MF shift/ Mental Flaring: This one will also be hard, as you let your animalistic (mermaidistic) side completely take over your brain. You would obviously bring yourself back later, but it exercises your bond with that part of you. Unfortunately, once again, we have NO idea how mermaids think, and furthermore, how to let that part of you take over. So this ones going to be a hard one as well. I will, however, try my hardest to help with the MF shift. 

P shifting/physical shifting: Alright, this ones the biggy. Its the one where you completely shift yourself into your mermaid self. This is obviously the hardest of the shifts, and involves a lot of work and concentration. Like I said before, phantom shifting helps with this one!

PNR/ Point of no return: Now, I know this sounds cheesy, but in the werewolf goal they talk constantly of not letting yourself go over the PNR. If you do, your normally stuck. However, the reason you are stuck is genrally because you lose all of your humanity and human thought power. Thus, you wouldn’t even know how to shift back. This would be a confusing subject on mermaids, because as far as we’re concerned, their an intelligent species. So I warn you before going any further, I’m not sure if mermaid shifting has a PNR or not, but its best to be careful. 


 Before we can even think about shifting, we first must do the research. I know, I know, this doesn't sound like the most fun thing to do. However, researching that which you are trying to become is very important... and therefor, it is best to start here (even if you think you already know everything there is to know about mermaids!). 

    To start off your research, you're going to need to draw a picture. Just draw a mermaid- it doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure it establishes everything you think a mermaid would have. Top or no top? Gills or lungs? Scales or skin like a dolphin? Those sorts of things. This drawing should be done before any of your research... and have fun with it! Bring in some things you think it would be cool for a mermaid to have, or things that you would want as a mermaid. Save this drawing somewhere, or keep it with you while you research, you're going to need it! 

    Now that we have that established, its time to get down to the hard stuff. It is best to know everything you can possibly find out about mermaids, fish, anatomy, and so on. You won't be JUST researching mermaids, you need to know some basic science principles about humans and fish (or dolphins, depending on what you base your tail on looking like) so that you can begin building your mermaid. Also, you're going to have to figure out what environment you will be swimming in. If you live near lakes, then your mermaid would probably have a darker tail color, lungs instead of gills, and would be a freshwater mermaid. However, if you live next to a coral reef, then your mermaid might have a bright tail color, gills, and would be a salt water mermaid. It all really depends on the environment. This sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Well just wait, theres even more. To help, here are some things you may want to know or find out:

  1. What would your mermaid eat?
  2. How would diet effect your mermaids body? 
  3. Salt water or regular water?
  4. How would a tail be structured to help a mermaid survive best? 
  5. What color would the tail be, given the environment? 
  6. Aside from the tail, what other characteristics would a mermaid have? 
  7. Gills or large lungs?
  8. Aside from 'covering you up,' what would the purpose of a top be?
  9. What would be the best design for a top? 
  10. Would your physical appearance change? Hair color or eye color for example? 
  11. How do mermaids act? What science or species could you base that off of? (This question is super important, make sure to look into it in detail!) 
  12. How to mermaids drink water? Osmosis or regular? (hint- Salt water fish usually drink lots of water, fresh water fish usually absorb it through osmosis) 
  13. Where do you plan to live for most of your life? Perhaps you live near a lake now, but plan to spend most of your life on the ocean. This effects your mermaid. 
  14. What about skin color? What skin color would be best for your mermaids environment? 
  15. Awkward, but how do mermaids... "relieve" themselves? 
  16. How are mermaid social? Do they live in groups or alone?
  17. Do mermaid migrate? 
  18. Anything else you can think of.... 

As you can see, thats a LOT. I've probably even left off some things you may want to think about, but these are just some basic questions you're going to want to know. Luckily for you, I've included a section in this site that will help answer some of these questions... but remember, the answers are from my own research and perspective! Don't base your mermaid solely off of what I thought. Remember, every answer to these questions has a dramatic effect on what your mermaid will look like!

    Now, look back at your original drawing.... does it look very scientific anymore? It probably doesn't, but if it does, good for you! Anyway, it's time to draw again. Basing this next drawing off of your first drawing and the data you have collected, try drawing another mermaid. Make it as accurate as you can, while trying to keep some of the parts that you originally liked about it. Make sure that this new mermaid is both pleasing to you, but would also survive easily. This is the basis of your mermaid species. 


    Now, finally, after all of that research, we now move onto the fun part- and the first metaphysical area! Don't move on to this lesson unless you have completed your research and drawing, because this is the part where you find your inner mermaid. What I mean by this is you will be finding out what exactly you will look like as a mermaid, and maybe explore a little in this very first meditation (and, your first F-Shift!). This part of your training involves meditation however, so it may be hard at first. For those of you inexperienced in meditation, I have included a quick warm up that you can do a couple times to get used to the idea. 

Warm Ups


To begin meditation, it is extremely important that you have the correct breathing. Many people will say you also need correct posture, although I for one am not one of them. The breathing is fairly simple, however. Begin by breathing in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Then, begin counting as you breath.... As you breath in, count to three. Hold your breath for three counts, and finally exhale for three counts. You shouldn't be gasping for air or holding your breath; this type of breathing is supposed to relax you. Remember, this breathing comes naturally to your body, so after a few times of counting your breaths you should be able to breath like this on your own. 

Exercise One-

When I first started out in meditation, I found this method very helpful to keeping my mind on task and visualizing. Basically, you just go through the alphabet in your head. However, instead of just saying each letter in your mind, you have close your eyes and write out each letter in your mind. See the letter, say it out loud, almost feel your hand writing the letter. Feel each letter, and then let it go completely. You should spend about five seconds on each letter. Remember to not let your mind wander, and to not slip out of the moment (which is easy to do if you're tired!).  Try and see each letter in a place between your eyes and your mind, if that makes sense. 

Exercise Two-

This next one is all about clearing your mind... and sitting up strait does help with this. Sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, and completely clear your mind. I know, this sounds very hard, but with practice it comes easier. Just think of absolutely... nothing. Don't think at all! It helps to begin with imagining yourself putting all of your thoughts and feeling and urges to move into a box and shoving it under a bed somewhere.  Once you begin meditating, if you encounter a thought then the best way to get of it is to actually let it come into your mind... and then let it drift out. Acknowledge the thought, but let it leave your mind with peace. Simply trying to shove everything out of your mind won't work at all, things will just keep popping in. Finally, remember to focus on the nothingness, and not on keeping things out of your mind. Let the clarity of nothingness just wash over your mind. Don't worry, I know its hard, but no one expects you to be perfect! 

    Now, after you've practiced these warm ups, and you feel physically ready to begin, you may. I would not suggest trying to meditate before you feel like you can, because your mind may get in the way of the truth. Now, on to the actual meditation! You may change it as much as you like, this is just my version. 

Connecting to Your Inner Mermaid

    Begin somewhere with lots of senses. Somewhere that relates to something you experience in every day life or something you can remember easily. Perhaps you are sitting in the sun, with the smell of grass all around you  and your skin is warm in the fading glow of daylight. Maybe, you have awoken in a creek, and the cold water is spilling over you as if you were a part of it's pebbled bottom. Slowly, get up. You see and feel and hear things as if you were there. You do not see yourself from a third person point of view. Look down. The first thing you see is an offering of some kind. It could be a candle, a fruit, a cake or maybe a feather. The next thing that you see is something that represents humanity to you... something that means something to you, and to humans. It could be anywhere from money to your favorite pair of shoes to a diamond ring. Whatever these two items are, pick them up. Now, look around you. 

    I won't tell you what you are to see, because that depends on you. All I can tell you is that the sun is setting, you are near a body of water, and it is absolutely beautiful. Let your mind explore this place... it is your haven. This is the place that you will come back to in your later F-shifts, and you should feel safe here. Slowly, you begin to walk towards the body of water. However, before you get to the water, you will see a... shrine of sorts. Like everything else, this can be whatever you wish it to be. It could be a small waterfall, or a tree, or a slab of rock. Whatever it is, set your offering here. Now, you speak. If you have any specific religion, you could talk to your god or goddess. If you are open to anything, then I would suggest speaking to the goddess Aphrodite, to the undines, or even to the element of water itself. Speak your wishes, and say what feels right to you. Finally, ask that you see your true form. Make sure to thank whoever you spoke to, and walk toward the water. 

    As you get to the edge of the water, drop whatever things represents humanity to you into the sand. As you do this, let your humanity fade away from you. You are a creature of the water.... now, you do not belong on land..... you are a mermaid. Say it, feel it, understand it, and do whatever you need to do to confirm it. As you let this humanity slip away, look down into the water. You see your reflection... only, its not you, and yet it is. The person that you see in the water is your true self, your mermaid self. Move your body so that you can see your full reflection, and take everything in. What you look like, what color your tail is, what color your skin and hair and eyes are.... everything. Let your mermaid self sink in, and let it become a part of you. When you are done gazing at your inner self, it is time to swim! 

    Get into the water, and feel it wash over you. Feel everything about it, as if it were home. Dive into this water, and let your mind and heart run free! This is the truly amazing part of the meditation. In your mind, in this perfect little haven... you are a mermaid. So here, you can swim and laugh and have fun in your true form. Explore this area, because, it will be your mermaid home for until you actually receive your real tail. Don't be scared to let your mind create whatever it needs to create, and truly feel yourself as a mermaid. 

    When you are done here, find a spot of land. Crawl up onto it, and take one last look at your tail. Then, wishing your magickal sanctuary goodbye, let your mermaid body fall into darkness. Feel yourself falling until you hit your real body. Essentially, you're letting your mermaid body fall into your real body. Feel the last tingles of a tail and the last scents of the water.... and open your eyes. 

    So! There you have it. Congratulation! You have just successfully completed your first F-Shift. The land that you found here is always right there, right when you need it. Come back anytime. The more you meditate as a mermaid, the more your body gets used to the feeling of water, to holding your breath or breathing through gills, and to everything about being a mermaid. Also, it is important that you have fun with this meditation! There is no right or wrong, and your can improv anything you want into it. Do not be afraid to break the rules! One thing that you could add is talking to your mermaid self, or finding out your mermaid name (you could if you wanted to!). Nothing is wrong, just so long as you accomplished the task of finding your mermaid self. Good luck, and happy F-shifting!

Alright! Hopefully, so far everything for you guys has been going smoothly. Unfortunately, M-Shifting is not as easy or strait forward as meditations or research. Lets view M-shifting as a big fence. Once you climb over it, its going to be really hard to climb back out again. Likewise, once you M-shift your mind and soul into that of a mermaids... its going to be really hard to go back to normal living. The ocean (or water in general) will call to you. You will be changed emotionally, mentally, and hopefully physically once you get to P-shifting. Therefor, it is my job to warn you right now that becoming a mermaid may not be the best thing for you. If you don't live next to a body of water like a ocean or lake... then what? Are you just going to sit in a bathtub looking at your tail for the next few years of your life? Like I said, the shifting method does not give you powers. Powers are something that you can get, but probably not from shifting (although if you would like to try with the shifting method, be my guest). Because of these two traits, it could be that you just want to be a mermaid because you want to be something special. A lot of us feel that way too, you're not alone... but please, just pause and ask yourself if you really want this. With that note of warning, lets begin your next step... M-shifting.

    M-Shifting, as was cleared up before hand, is basically changing your mind and attitude to that of a mermaid. Unfortunately, mermaids are half way humans, and therefor don't really have an animal instinct or anything that you could draw from. Luckily for you however, if you've been following these lessons, then you now have a nice idea of how fish and dolphins act, and how your mermaid looks and acts. All of that is really important, because there is no set version of a mermaid. So, remember that mermaid drawing and research you did? Get all of that out and go over it now. It may be apparent to you, but I'm pretty sure everyone is going to come up with their own ideas and needs for what a mermaid IS, and so each and every person trying the shifting method needs to really look into behavior (i.e., a tropical mermaid that has lots of food resources and not many predators might have a different behavior then an arctic mermaid who is always looking for food. Likewise, a lake mermaid may eat and act differently in their confined space, than an ocean mermaid that has everywhere in the world)  . Of course, you should have already done all of this, but if you haven't for whatever reason, then its REALLY good for you to do that right now. 

    So. Once you have this mermaid thing all down, its time to start applying it into your life. That means, that every day you will make a conscious effort to act more and more like a mermaid would act. Like I said, this may be hard, and I do have some ideas for you in the Tips and Ideas section. Remember however, that those are my personal views of mermaids. They may not apply to where you live or anything like that. Just be careful. Anyway, back to the M-shifting... you'll need to really change your life a lot. This is important, because it gets you used to this type of living, lets your mind draw out your inner mermaid, and connects you to the ocean and its spirit in a way that you may not have been before. Of course, simply acting like a mermaid isn't the only thing that you need to do to M-shift. 

    Because this method is known as Metaphysical Shifting, there is obviously some other parts to it than just pure shifting. The metaphysical aspects of it mean doing meditations, balancing and learning to move energy, and connecting to the ocean or the element water. To conserve space, I have added a few of these things in the Tips and Ideas section, which you really should check out. While these things are not necessary to pure shifting, they are very helpful. 

Good luck with M-shifting, and consider it as if you were stepping through a gateway. From the moment you finally "get over that fence," you are now regarded, somewhere inside of you, as a mermaid. 



I thought this one might come in handy. Because I didn't want to take up too much room with mindless babble, I've created this page to offer some ideas when it comes to M-Shifting. These are some things that can be applied to every day life, or for you to think about when thinking about your mermaids looks and such. Remember, these are all my personal thoughts, and therefor not completely accurate. If anyone has any ideas, comment on this page your thoughts. Here we go! 

    Diet: I believe mermaids would diffidently have to eat a mixed diet of both fish, shell fish, sea plants and possibly fruit. Now let me explain on this one. For our definition of a “mermaid” to fit the beautiful women with a gorgeous fish tail, we have to find a way to keep the human part of the mermaid looking HUMAN. Now imagine if mermaids only ate meat. That would make them predators, which would alter their appearances greatly. They would probably have more snout like noses, gills for sure, a fast, efficient tail that probably blends into the water (not exactly that gorgeous blue or pink that many of you want). The skin would probably take on a blueish tone, and the teeth would be sharp. For some reason, I dont think most of you want to be that when you think of being a mermaid. However, if a mermaid only ate sea plant life, they might wind up being somewhere at the opposite of the scale and look equally as odd. This puts mermaids in the position of eating a mixed diet, that somewhat mimics what humans eat. I added fruit in the main diet because we want to become mermaids who can walk on land, and therefor, they would probably be able to grab a bit of tropical fruit from the trees and such that tend to live near the water. It is also important that everyone adapt this image to their mermaid as best as possible. Once again, if you live near a lake, your mermaids diet will be different from someone living near the ocean, so on and so forth. So, with this information, we can bring this diet into our own. Try to eat fruit that grows naturally around your mermaids area. Eating shellfish, seaweed, and sushi is also very good too! Try researching the area that you live in, or where your mermaid comes from. See what grows naturally, and how you can incorporate that into every day life.   

    Habitat- Well, we're back to this one, that seems to pop up everywhere! Your mermaids habitat. Your mermaid's habitat pretty much effects everything about your mermaid's looks, diet, personality, and just about everything else. Therefor, it is very important. So, lets begin with some science. To maintain the upper part of a human, a mermaid would need to be warm blooded I believe. However, they may not be as warm blooded as humans are, due to their fish tail. Given this, a mermaid would be able to survive in some cold areas, but would really thrive in warmer ones. I personally would say that mermaid would thrive the best somewhere in the Caribbean, or in Hawaii. Unfortunately, there are not many of us that are fortunate enough to live in areas like that. So, it would be my guess that most of our mermaids would probably have to migrate in order to stay alive. Take all of this into consideration in how you design your mermaid's fluke and all of that. Is it good for long distance travel? Anyway, while a mermaid's habitat would most likely be some place warm or tropical, we'll just have to adjust ourselves. Some good things that you might want to monitor in your Shifting might be your body temperature (going down would be good), or if you find yourself drawn to warmer places. Likewise, if you live in really cold places, you may find that you can tolerate the cold a lot. Either way, just make sure to monitor physical changes. 

    Social Behavior- When you imagine a mermaid swimming freely in the ocean, what do you see? Well, you probably don't see that mermaid swimming along in a group of three to six mermaids. However, with the science that I've found, I believe that in "pods" would be exactly how mermaids travel! Take dolphins for example. They are probably one of the closest relatives to the mermaid, and are therefor really good to learn from. Dolphins live in pods, or groups, of three to eight, and usually have some sort of "leader" dolphin. Dolphins have very special and unique bonds with one another, and are said to be closer than some human families. These pods travel together, live together, and stay together for most of their life. So, bringing that into mermaid context, it could be conceivable that mermaids live in groups. How does that effect your M-shift and life? Well, one thing you could do is try to connect with your group or family. Find a group that really understands you, and treat them like your mermaid "pod." It is also very useful to try and find some people in real life (as well as the internet) that actually want to become a mermaid as much as you do, or would at least understand your wish. This can both be supporting to you, and help you with the whole "pod," aspect of life. 

    Personal Looks- Here is when we get into a touchier subject. It may come to your attention that you may not look like the mermaid that you've drawn out earlier. For instance, if your mermaid were a tropical mermaid, they would probably have tan skin to deal with the sun. If your mermaid lived out in the middle of the ocean, or deeper in the ocean, or maybe even in a lake... then their skin may be paler. Adjusting your looks to that of your mermaid can be very important in an M-shift, and help your mind get used to "changing." Also, (here comes the touchy part) if you are a bit over weight or out of shape, you may want to get that taken care of. One, because its really healthy if you do, and two because think about it... mermaid swimming takes just about every aspect of your muscles, and requires you to be a strong swimmer. The more weight, or the less muscle, the harder it is to swim. I know, I know, it is a hard subject, but believe me it will help your self image... human and mermaid wise! 

    Regular Behavior- This one is probably the hardest one to figure out, as it has a lot to do with habitat, and with dolphins! As said before in the Social Behavior aspect, I believe mermaids share close bonds with dolphins. I think that if you were to mimic a mermaid, your first thing to do would to be learning from dolphins and other fish. This means being playful, enthusiastic, loving, loyal, and generally good learners. Next comes the habitat. Say your mermaid lives in a very cold region... Well, that may result in your mermaid being "colder" in attitude. Those mermaids would need to focus a lot more on survival than those living in tropical waters. Therefor, if you live in colder areas, you may need to adjust to taking note of your surroundings, and bringing your body into survival mode. However, if you live in warm areas, your mermaid might have playful attributes to it as well. Or, if your mermaid migrates, you may need to be more enduring than the carefree tropical mermaids. So on, and so forth. 



The mental flare... I think may be one of the most fun, and easy, aspects of shifting (until you actually shift physically, that is!) For a recap, mental flaring is basically letting your mermaid mind take over completely. Out of all of my shifting, I've also found that the mermaid M-Flare is one of the easiest to accomplish. There is just something about the water covering your up, or the sun shining through the top of the water, or the warm sand pressing against your back that just makes the Mental Flare something magickal. So, how do we do it? 

    The first thing I would pay attention to is how you look at the moment. If you are wearing jeans with your hair tied up in a pony tail and a t-shirt... well, thats not very mermaidish. However, being in your bathing suit with your hair down, shells adorning your body, and maybe some water proof makeup will probably make you feel a lot more like a mermaid away from home. For right now, don't even worry too much about if the accessories are accurate, or if mermaids ever wear makeup (they probably don't) or anything like that. Right now, you are just trying to feel like you are one! Another thing that helps so much is a fake mermaid tail or monofin. I have both, and believe me, it really makes you feel one with the water. Unfortunately, it also make you feel one with an empty wallet! Mermaid tails and monofins can be very expensive, especially if you have big feet like myself, and are forced into buying the $80, larger monofin, instead of the smaller ones that cost around $30-$50. Also, the materials can cost a lot.... or, if you buy one from a website, the whole tail can cost a lot as well! To help with this mermaid dilemma, I have included some links at the bottom of the page- along with my views of them- to help you get your first fake tail. Take note, that while you do not need a fake tail to M-Flare, it is strongly suggested that you have one.... they're fun, and help with the experience!

    Now, the second super important thing to a Mental Flare would probably be your location. If you're just sitting on your bed in the middle of the night, or at school or something, then an M-Flare might be a little difficult. Remember- mermaids SWIM. They are meant to be submersed in water, swimming freely among their environment. So, while sitting in your bathtub may be a little bit better than sitting on your bed... well, its still not very good. For M-Flaring, I would suggest making your way to a pool, a lake, or even an ocean! My personal suggestion would be a nice salt water pool... there is a lot less harmful chlorine, its a lot more like the ocean, and you can open your eyes underwater! Further, there is room to swim, but its not as dangerous as the ocean or as dirty as a lake. Of course, on the down side... its not as natural. So, a good thing to do would be to have a mixture of each. If your mermaid is a lake mermaid, then I would try fresh water pools and ponds, and also swimming in the lake a lot. If you are an ocean mermaid, then I would try salt water pools and the oceans... but be careful. The ocean can have strong tides and currents, which are easily over come for mermaids, but not for humans. So, when swimming in the ocean, just make sure that you are at a very shallow or safe area before swimming. Also, if you are swimming with your fake mermaid tail, I would suggest having someone watch over you, just to make sure nothing bad happens. A dead human would not make a very good mermaid!

    Alright, now that you've got the two most important things all out of the way, its time for you to actually start M-flaring! While you can do small M-Flares anywhere, I would suggest setting a day aside just to M-Flare. You won't be like that all day long, but it would be a day to be... especially mermaid-like. For instance, that morning, you would wake up... and instead of taking a shower, you could take a bath and light a candle. Or, you could take a shower and use some body wash that reminds you of the ocean. While getting ready for the day, you could put on some water proof make up that makes you look like a mermaid... in your view at least. Do your hair with beach waves, or strait. Just have fun with it, there is not right or wrong! You could wear shells, and the color of your tail with a bathing suit underneath. For breakfast lunch and dinner, you could adjust your diet to that of a mermaids... (whatever you think a mermaid's diet would be! My ideas and thoughts are in the Tips and Ideas section!). Just spend the whole day in a bit of a mermaid daze. Then, when the time comes for you to actually M-Flare, you'll already be halfway there.

    So, I would begin in an area that you can sit or even lay down in the water without the water going into your nose, mouth, or eyes. Close your eyes and completely relax. Let the water wash over you, in your physical body. Feel the spirit of the ocean... the spirit of the mermaid washing over with every wave. Let the water draw this mermaid part of you out from your soul, and into your mind. Let your human mind go blank, and let mermaid thoughts and feels sweep through you. Don't worry, you still think, and you'll still need to breath air, and you won't lose yourself. Just change your mind into that of a mermaid. Feel a mermaids cravings, her instincts and thoughts. Finally, get up, and letting the mermaid part of you move you, slip into the water and swim. Remember, you are not swimming like a human. You are using your legs to kick up and down, and you are gracefully rolling through the water. Open your eyes if you can and look around. If you are in a swimming pool, open your eyes and imagine that right before you is coral,or sea weed, or the mucky bottom of a lake. Do not swim at the surface, but go down into the water. Don't worry about breathing; your body will bring you back to the surface and you won't drown. Likewise, don't try to push yourself too much with holding your breath. Just let your body do what it needs to do. I've actually found that in this state, sometimes your lungs won't start to hurt... they won't tell you that you desperately need to breath or anything. You just sit there wondering when you're going to need to come up for air, which usually happens after a while, but it also lets you hold your breath longer. Anyway, just try to enjoy yourself in this state. Be how you think a mermaid would be, in an out of the water. You should come out of your M-Flare feeling whole and connected to your other self. 

Have fun! 


Now this is how you would do your p-shift, what I (Brooke) recommend is that you let your mind tell you what to do, I think i'm so deep into shifting that all I can talk about is shifting, literally, my friend has gotten annoyed at me for not being normal for once. So off of my life, and onto yours! 

So for p-shifting I would either let your mind and body tell you what to do to try to bring out your mermaid side (if you're deep into the process), or practice the phantom-shifting technique, the one where you feel you have a tail, and all. This hasn't been on many lists of shifting as it is considered unimportant. The phantom shifting has only supposed to have been for you to meditate, but it's now helping me p-shift. 

The p-shift means physical-shift, basically doing what the name insists, physically shifting into a mermaid with a tail and gills and all! But if you don't know much about gills and expanded lungs I will tell you in the upcoming paragraphs! For now, some techniques for p-shifting. I will tell you the technique for ph-shifting, unless you already know this, then skip the first technique.

Technique No. 1: Phantom Shifting technique:

Sit in a comfortable position, legs right in front of you, together as if your legs were molded together, now lightly hold your legs together, not with your hands, rest your hands on your stomach, not by the sides of your legs. Now lie your back down once you know you are ready and breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Keep on doing this, while FEELING as if your legs are slowly molding together, do NOT imagine in your mind your legs molding together, you have to feel it. Feel your legs getting closer and closer, until they mold together (even if it's not happening in real life, you still have to feel it, it may happen after multiple tries!) Feel as your feel are connecting and stretching out into a long, sturdy, fluke in the shape that you desire. Now unless you are in the bath do not shift gills. Feel your legs slowly, very slowly coming together and forming scales, then slowly turning the desired color. Once you feel the need or want to leave, then go. Unless this has worked so far and you got your legs to mold together you have to meditate and try to reverse this and get out of it. There, you're done!

Technique No. 2: Under Construction: 

Gills and Lungs:

Now that we've got most things covered, (unless you skipped a whole bunch of stuff, most things are very important) we are going to cover gills, and lungs. For those of you that are younger, or just do not know, you CANNOT have gills on land. If you tried shifting gills in your bedroom or living room, go to the bathroom immediately and wash some water on your neck/behind your ears/wherever you have your gills and run a bath immediately.  once you have get in it and let your gills breathe. See gills, if you got gills on land or in your house, not in a bathtub, you would die. See if you had gills, they are just an overpowering way of breathing, you would instinctively start breathing with your gills, as you would in the ocean, but if there was no water around to get oxygen from you would die.

Mermaid gills are in your nose, and behind your ears. Every mermaid has these gills, but if you really don't want these or you just want to perpetually hold your breath instead with expanded lungs be my guest. In addition to regular mermaid gills, you could also have and add on either gills, placed directly on the ribcage, or gills placed on the front sides of your neck. Remember that you need to know exactly everything about gills, how they work on the inside, etc. You need to know where your lungs are/where your air tube is and have those gills have areas to breathe from there.

Now we have lungs. if you would like you could have ONE large lung. But this may be harder for some, as you need to know where it would be, how the organs around you would work, etc. I personally would rather have gills, as I find them more easy shift into, but onto expanded lungs. For this you have to shift the insides of your body so you have one large lung, but you would need to come up for more air every once in a while because these are NOT gills and you cannot stay underwater forever with expanded lungs. 

~Coral Sirenia 


Physical Shifting

A physical shift, is physically shifting into a mermaid. This method of shifting takes the most practice, but with a little effort you can do it. The hardest part about shifting is calling your mermaid form out. You can't have any doubt when doing this. Because if you do, the tail will not come out. 

The easiest way to accomplish P-shifting is to have the F-shift, and the M-shift down to a T. Meaning you have to know exactly what your shifting for. Having a clear image of your tail in your head always helps. Also, you may want to be wet when doing this, and be in a quiet space where nothing will bother you. Below I have listed many shifting methods you can use, all from different people, you can try each one out so you know which one works best for you. Physical shifting takes multiple tries, so don't get upset if it doesn't work the first time. 

Method 1 is about visualization. First, get comfy and relaxed from head to toe. Remember not to wear pants, considering it stops the shifting process, and they may rip. So if you aren't comfortable being naked, wear a big shirt. You can also use candles, and music that reminds you of mermaids. My personal favorite is "Beyond the Sea" by Celtic Woman. Next, close your eyes and start focusing on your energy from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes. See in your head your fluke forming to your desire. At this point you may feel some pain at your feet, toes, and ankles. Keep visualizing the pain as your mermaid self becomes physically tangable, physically real. Visualize your mermaid self coming out of your body, and becoming real.  Do this SLOWLY and do not rush. 

This quote is from KissingMidnight, who was one of the first online mermaids proven to be real. 

"...I focused on the sun going down, and I imagined the day time as me, the light part of me that’s mundane, and logical. And then I imagined the night as the ocean and mermaids, magick and things not seen or understood. As the sun was setting, I finally shifted into my true mermaid form. It felt weird at first, but at the same time it felt like stretching a sore muscle. So it was a little painful, but the good kind of pain...."

1.the legs join together and may or may not elongate. spine elongates into tail and feet become flukes. and any additional fins will form out of skin and tissue(s).

2. the skin tone begins to change(possibly. depends on person) and a smooth dolphin like skin covers the tail(from apendix down). then the scales, in the proper colours, begin to form on the areas you wish(from apendix down).

3. gills form(possibly. depends on person) and lungs become similar to a dolphins(so you can hold breath longer & possibly. depends on person).
4.webbed hands and any fins on arms form(possibly. depends on person).
5. all things that are on neck and head form and the mental parts of the mermaid really set in(instinct, behaivor, and all).

I hope this helps some of y'all on your mermaid journey - IRLseadragon


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Thanks this helped 😊😊

Jan 25, 2019
Did this? Magic can't change our human body into a mermaid's

Mar 15, 2019

Mar 15, 2019
Nonstop, maybe watch the caps? It comes across as if you're shouting at people, and is a little uncalled for, as ViVi was polite in her response and was just stating a fact. Also, it doesn't really matter whether you consider it to be magick or not, because either way it's impossible.

You cannot physically transform into a mermaid. If you choose to live in a way that reflects the mermaid aesthetic, that is your choice, but you will not turn into one.

Ok if someone really read this whole entire thing then you are wasting your time because this is fake

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