End Your Oppressor

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A curse for your enemies with a twist.

Casting Instructions for 'End Your Oppressor'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Four dead spiders (I prefer them alive but to each their own.)
  • One dead fly
  • Mason Jar
  • Vinegar
  • Raw Chicken
  • Wormwood root (Or belladonna leaves if that is accessible, also extremely toxic so be careful.)
  • Sulphor powder
  • Picture of the enemy or full name on paper. (Clothing or personal item's work best.)
  • Needle and thread (Thread should be black or purple.)
  • Broken Glass

You should understand energy work is essential to any spell i provide, so to begin with the atmosphere needs to be charged with energy. This is done by circle casting which is for protection and raising energy, or you can charge the items as you go along with the spell.

First, you need to mash and mix the wormwood or belladonna with the sulphor powder . Second use a boline knife or just a regular kitchen knife to cut into the chicken breast from one end to the other directly across the middle of the breast, you don't want to cut all the way through just make a pocket. Third, stuff the wormwood/sulphor mix into the back of the chicken breast. Fourth, the picture or personal name/item of your oppressor will be added in the chicken breast next. After you complete this its time to stich the chicken breast back up using the needle and thread. As you weave and stich the chicken breast being careful not to spill out the contents of course, you should chant:

"The time is now and can wait no more, your flavor is poison and spider's will sore, your oppression and obsession will cease right now, no more will spirits allow me to bow. Above and below i weave my curse, send back ten fold or make it worse, when my oppressor is done and leaves me alone, i wish them only the best and hope they have grown."

Once the breast is closed, drop the broken glass at the bottom of the mason jar, and then put the chicken on that. Finally, drop the spiders and fly's in and fill it up with vinegar and seal it. You may do one or two things with the jar, you can bury it in your yard, the woods, their house or whatever, Or you can leave it on your altar and continue to push energy inside for a full's moon cycle then you bury it. I recommend either or because i have tried both and they work the same. Bless your space, ground and center, and leave an offering to the spirits. 


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