A curse from purgatory

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Summon negative energy and suffering from hell (namely purgatory, as it's extremely difficult to access energies from lower levels) and curse a person who has wronged you.

Casting Instructions for 'A curse from purgatory'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a strong hatred or contempt for a person
  • a piece of paper
  • something to write with
  • a light source (a candle works)
  • a dark solitary room
  • Full moon (recommended)

First, prepare the atmosphere. A dark room with a single light source (a candle for example) is recommended.Next- gather all of your hate and negative feelings towards the person and draw a pentagram on the piece of paper to start opening the portal- then start writing "esse purgatorias" then add more lines to the letters, making them look like runes- don't put any logic behind it just let the hatred for the person guide you. Afterwards, start connecting the letters chaotically, again let the

hatred guide you. do this until you feel that you've cooled down a little bit. then chant this incantation:

"I summon unholy might
to bring forth purging blight
for this scoundrel has no right
to step in thy light
may the gates of purgatory open and punish thee."

Once it has been done, dispose of the piece of paper. you can curl it up and throw it away, ingest it or burn it- the choice is yours 

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