Mirror Trap

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To bind someone into a mirror (not physically).

Casting Instructions for 'Mirror Trap'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mirror
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mirror
Catch the targets's face in the mirror without them seeing.

''Freedoms lost
And now unwitting
Into the glass
You'll do my bidding.''

Keep the mirror wrapped in a black cloth when not in use.


Added to on Nov 09, 2015
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does this spell really work?

maybe i should make a magic mirror first that would have a better chance to work

I know it says not physical, but what is the goal of this? You could trap spiritual beings in mirrors, and use mirrors as portals to cleanse a space, but if you expect this spell to make this person ''do your bidding'' it will not. At best, this could stop them from picking on you because the mirror would reflect their energy back at them.

Sep 26, 2020
Well you can also use it to trap a mental being or spiritual being so you can ask questions and continue to use the power to your expense

Oct 07, 2020
It could actually make them do your bidding. The phrase ''Freedoms lost'' means that freedom would probably be gone and they would probably have to listen to you. The chant also includes unwittingly, meaning without any knowledge, so this spell could, in a way, twist fate to put the person in a position where he/she will have to do what you want without knowing that you want it to happen. All you have to do would be to speak into the glass, and visualize what you want the victim to do. It's important to note that not every thread of fate can be twisted, painted, and chopped off, so be careful. Also, this spell will either take years, or simple minutes, depending on how much energy you put in and how high the chances of the event actually occurring. Also, don't expect them to suicide just because you want them to. If anyone reading this thinks this is wrong, feel free to comment, these are just my thoughts which I'm putting out here

Oct 07, 2020
MoonFury makes an interesting point. It does claim it's not a physical trap, so if this was a way to trap a spirit or someone's energy, it could work. Some natives believe photos capture a moment in time including the energy. So, a part of the person's spirit is trapped within a photograph. You can bind spirits in objects. So, in theory, this could trap a person's energy, but I don't think it will turn them into a zombie you can control at will. I feel it's like using their blood in a spell. They're interwoven into a spell, and while they can break it, it would have a stronger hold on them than a normal spell.

Sep 05, 2022

Is this like a none reverse able spell or something cuz I need it

Could it work for amateur?

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