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Name: spellsismy54
Birthday: Jul 5 2003
Location: somewhere in the realms...
Gender: Female
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Hiya! I'm fantasy! that's my spiritual spell name. the magick I'm best at is:
-Moon magick
-Blood magick
-(rare)love magick
-black magick
-white magick
I'm studying demonology and many other things.
Green- I'm falling for you
Purple- I miss you
Orange- I really like you
Pink- I love you
Yellow- you're amazing
Blue- you're friendly
Grey- we need to talk more
Silver- I want to get to know you better
Red- you're awesome
Black- I hate you
Hot pink- have my babies
Sky blue- you're pretty/handsome
Dark grey- Meh
Royal purple- kiss me
Blueberry- cuddle with me
Royal blue- hug me
Blood red- I want you as my slave
Ruby red- insert your own choice
Mystery:what I want is you