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Learn Telekinesis.

Casting Instructions for 'Telekinesis'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none

How to Develop Telekinesis

An Exercise to Assist You in Developing Telekinesis

  1. Choose a utensil.
  2. Hold it in your hand comfortably.
  3. Find a comfortable position to sit and relax breathing effortlessly.
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. Let the days thoughts go.
  6. Focus on the utensil.
  7. Slowly run your fingers over its surface and feel its energy.
  8. At the moment when there is no separation between you and the fork and you actually feel its energy- bend it.

If it bends you did the exercise correctly. If not it could be because your mind wasn't focused and other thoughts entered. It will take some practice and persistence when developing telekinesis.

Tips on Developing Telekinesis

  1. Don't think about the process or what may or may not happen just practice as if its an experiment.
  2. Relax and enjoy the process of developing telekinesis (up to 7 days a week if possible).
  3. Stop if you get a headache.
  4. Without believing it is possible it will not manifest- believe you can move objects with you mind and you will.
  5. Focus all your attention. There is no room left in your mind for thoughts of what you had for dinner last night.
  6. It is easiest to start with light objects, such as feathers or thin paper.


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I hope it does heh heh

it didnt work!!!

Mar 29, 2021
see you have to put faith into it .

Mar 29, 2021
Faith doesn't overpower reality. If you believe in it, you'd try it, but if it doesn't work, it doesn't mean you didn't believe enough. It means it either doesn't work for whatever reason [fake spell, not enough energy, flawed spell, didn't focus] or it takes more time and practice to do. Personally, I don't believe in telekinesis, but if it's real, it's a type of psychic ability, meaning it needs practice, not a spell.

How long should I practice each day?

Dec 16, 2019
while i don't believe in telekinesis, you should try and practice at the same time and work your way up. when it comes to meditation [as an example] start with 30 seconds, the next day try for 45 seconds, then a minute, 2, 4, 5, until you can sit for 15 minutes. if you wish to work your way further you can, but personally, a minimum of fifteen minutes is enough to get into ''the zone'' but not so long that your mind begins to wander.

Try it if you wish, but telekinesis is not real.

Oct 06, 2020
please do not make people feel stupid tho I believe that is you are correct.

Oct 06, 2020
I am not trying to make people feel stupid. I do not believe in telekinesis, but if people wish to try, they can. I fail to see how I am insinuating people are unintelligent.

Feb 18, 2021
ok while some people who are on here respectfully disagree or kindly educate, that last comment you made was not very nice :( I personally believe in telekinesis because I believe everything has energy, and if we can manipulate our energy to cast spells and contact gods, there should be no reason to believe it's not even possible to move objects with our energy. I'm not unintelligent for believing so, much like Christians aren't unintelligent for believing only one god. There is no proof it is real but there is no proof it's not real. Please be nicer :(

Feb 18, 2021
I repeat, I was not insulting anyone. Read my comment again. I said ''I am not trying to make people feel stupid'' meaning exactly that. I did not call anyone stupid. I stated that it was not my intention. I then stated I do not believe in telekinesis, followed by reiterating that if you wish to try, then try. Any negative connotation is the result of you wishing to be insulted by my statement. Because, as I have repeated multiple times, I did not, at any point, insult anyone, in any way, with my comment. As for your view on why you believe, that is your opinion. Why I disagree is because Magic energy does not create grand change to the physical. You are sending mental energy at a physical object. That is like trying to break a brick wall by blowing on it. It will not budge. If you wish to try, then try. Nobody is stopping you. I am simply stating it is an uphill battle with a staggering mound of evidence disproving it. I would rather focus on things that are in the realm of possibility. And what do Christians have to do with anything? It appears you have a chip on your shoulder, since you chose to mock Christians in your profile picture as well. While I agree with the sentiment, I am curious why you feel the need to bring up something that adds nothing to this discussion.

May 31, 2021
Hey, I've done it plentiful times and it worked.... I'm even using it now or anytime I wanna record some stuff with my phone, telekinesis is real and super cool

May 31, 2021
Roleplaying is against site rules.

Not all acts can be well developed by all practitioners some can't even make an inch progress from so many years of practice.

To do this would be to act without thinking, to make ''magic'' a part of your body and weild it better than any modern human weilds their own body. To have both faith, will, and complete mental mastery on a level not officially recorded since the last Messiah.

I tried and it worked!!! It took me about three months but i also am bad at focusing so i hope you guys get it!

Jan 13, 2023
I guarantee it did not work. Telekinesis is not possible. This is not a site for role play.

Jun 15, 2023
User393658 Some people believe in telekinesis, some don't. It's not role play to believe something is true just because you don't believe it is.

The exercise itself involves focusing on the energy of an object and attempting to bend it through sheer force of will. This can be a useful exercise in developing mental focus and concentration, regardless of whether or not telekinesis is actually possible. The tips provided, such as not thinking about the process and focusing all your attention, are good advice for any kind of meditative or visualization practice. It is important to stay focused and present, and not get distracted by extraneous thoughts. The warning about stopping if you get a headache is also important, as attempting to force or strain the mind can lead to physical discomfort or even injury. Starting with light objects is also good advice, as attempting to move heavier objects could be dangerous or physically impossible. If further guidance is needed visit my website Esty shop and chat with me there.

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