Mental Attack

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A dangerous attack that will give the victim a horible headache, this will make it hard for them to think striaght. Good to use in a fight.

Casting Instructions for 'Mental Attack'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

The Attack
What you need to do is visualize entering their mind. This can be done in a couple of different ways find what works best for you. Me I will visualize me just in their head but with out my body there. Then see a ball of electric energy getting bigger and bigger as it gets more energy. Then let it explode blasting their mind. Then do it again as much as you wish. This may hurt your head a little bit but not to much.

Blocking This
A way to block this would be to visualize an electric shield building in your mind spreading out until it covers your whole mind. As long as you hold it it will protect you. Plus you can add more shield of possibly metal or something else.


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Do you have to be near them in order to do this?

Dec 17, 2020

Is it dangerous

Apr 19, 2021

Oct 10, 2022
Calcuating the variables of possible self immolation and kinda destroying your conciousness? Yepper dangerous it is

Did this actually work for anybody?

Must try am practicing magic fighting

As outlined, this does not work. Yes, people can send negative energy your way. Yes, the evil eye is real. Yes, shielding is real too. A casting as simple as build up intention and glare at them, is stopped with a simple shield. You should shield daily because daily life can get messy. Standing in line at a coffee shop, you could upset someone, they glare at you, think something nasty and unwittingly send negative energy in your direction. A shield would deflect it, while no shield will allow this negativity to cling to you. Have you ever been in a bad mood for no reason? That is the result of negative energy weighing you down.

Jun 11, 2023
how would the shielding work? is there a spell on the site that explains this?

Jun 12, 2023

I am sure there is a spell, article, or even forum thread which would explain shielding of you searched for it. Google would also have a plethora of answers. I recommend doing some research as there are various methods to shield, and my way might not be your way.

The basic foundation on Magik is energy work. You need to grasp this before you can cast spells. Charge Magikal energy into your body. Ground Magikal energy out of your body. Shield your body with Magikal energy to protect yourself. Once you have grounded the negative energy from your body and charged your body with positive energy, you should shield. Shielding protects you from other Witches casting on you, which is not common, but still possible. More importantly, it keeps the negative energy of daily life from clinging to you and bringing your energy down. It is far more common to come across someone in a foul mood who unwittingly sends negativity your way than a Witch casting on you.

Focus on your center. Where this is varies, but where you feel your center of gravity is would be your center. People typically think of their stomach, or solar plexus, but there is no wrong answer except for what does not resonate with you. Feel the positive energy pooling in your center and creating a ball of shimmering light. Let this ball expand and surround you. If you wish to think of something from a movie, like Glinda's pink orb, Avatar Aang surrounded by the elements, or Kida from Atlantis after she has become one with their energy source those all work. Same with any type of protection you can imagine. The point is to surround yourself with this energy and feel safe. When you are new, you might have to do this throughout your day, but with practice, you can do it once and be set. That should help you. Also, go to the site forums and click on the General Info section. There are a number of helpful forums pinned at the top.

it wouldn't be electric. cytoplasmic would be a better word.

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