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Name: EraDatiyata
Gender: Male
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I have been doing magic for about 12 years.
I'm also the maker of .
I joined this site so that I can give addvice to anyone on the internet. Plus to meet other people whom share my love for magic.
If you need advice just tell me and I'll do my best to help. Plus I have a talent for seeing into photo's and learn stuff about people, (if you are woundering this is not a scam I accually can.)
Also please if you are going to mail me please put a subject so that I know what it is about.
Me: About Me
I'm a : Male
My age: Is not up so please don't ask. Only a few know so that is what I wish please respect it.
My practice: I practice many types of magic preaty much every type.
How long have I been doing magic: Many years about 12 or more. I have been doing it as long as I can remember.
My strongest element: Air is my strongest element. I can control it with a simple twist in my finger. I work with all elements and love them all but Air has choosen me, and in turn I choose it back.