Super Easy Revenge Spell

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Simple revenge spell that will cause the enemy misfortune and a little pain, but will not kill them.

Casting Instructions for 'Super Easy Revenge Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Enemy's first and last name
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Enemy's first and last name
Find a quite, empty room, then chant the following twice:

Goddess Hecate hear my cry,
Harm (Enemy's name) thou he/she shall not die
This is my will, and (enemy's name) shall fall!

Possible Side Affects:
Want to laugh like a lunatic

Please mail me results/ other side affects. This has worked miracles for me!


Added to on Feb 25, 2014
Last edited on Nov 13, 2019
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I think this works...

Sep 16, 2019
In theory if you charge enough energy and visualize your desired outcome [though if you're expecting death from this I highly doubt it, more back luck and stubbed toes]

I did get dizzy

Sep 24, 2019
It made someone lose a toenail.

Nov 30, 2019
so it really works

Mar 01, 2020
I haven't tried this yet so I hope it works for me

Oct 06, 2021
Did it work okay for you this spell it did for me

so the side effects, effect you not your enemy

Dec 07, 2019

I have been trying this one. It has not helped yet. I did get really dizzy the other day.

Dec 10, 2019
firstly, becoming dizzy after a spell usually means you didn't charge energy from outside your body and instead drained the energy your body needed to function. secondly, give it time. spells take time to manifest, this could also be affecting them in ways you can't see.

Could this work,maybe,with their SO breaking up with them?Just asking...

Jan 12, 2020
focus your negative emotions while visualizing that outcome

Do you have to do this at a certain time?

Jan 30, 2020
no. you could pick the perfect time to curse someone, but you don't have to. charge your negative energy/emotions and say the chant when you feel ready. [the listed side effects sound iffy. the first two are effects of draining your energy and not charging energy into your body. the second one is typical when you cast before thinking. the last one is just silly]

Not going to lie as soon as I finished saying the spell two times I felt a small headache but I thought I didn't do it right so I tired it again and channeled all my hate for the girl into it and after saying it two times my headache got so much worse, hope that means it works.

i only did this spell in my head and im laughing like a crazy physco

I got dizzy.

I did it and my head really hurts

My stomach felt a little queasy and my head started hurting. I hope that means it’s working!

After chanting this I feel dizzy and vomit

Jul 06, 2020
You used the energy inside your body and not the energy outside in nature. The energy in our bodies are needed for daily activities, when you have too much or too little, you will feel as you described. Look into energy work and practice a little more before attempting a spell so you don't become sick again. [i also suggest having sweets nearby, I usually crave sugar after long rituals]

i ended up passing out but they ended up getting mugged and beat up

I did this spell when I was mad, and it almost set her house on fire before she woke up. It takes time but its worth it. Use at your own risk. The only thing I felt was tired for 4-5 days.

This was the first spell i had ever done and it had worked quite well. I did it two times without any side effects on me. The first time, my target felt an intense pain on their arm for a minute as they told me. The second time, they accidentally got cut twice. Its a good and simple spell to use if you want to lightly hex somebody but dont expect it to have crazy results .

Is this permanent?

Sep 02, 2020
No spell is permanent. Once the energy runs its course, or the spell achieves its goal, the spell will end. If you want it to be permanent, you need to repeatedly cast [say every full moon] and the energy will build over time and seep in far deeper than a single casting, but that would require you to keep charging yourself with negative energy which [in my opinion at least] isn't worth it. Curse them, then move on [maybe curse them twice but eventually, you should move on]

From what I can remember after I performed this spell a months ago, it DID work

I hope this works against a certain fake friend that turned out be a rotten con man

So I did it like 5-6 times and I got a little dizy, then I imagined that I'm absorbing energy everywhere, I think I refilled myself lol. Anyways I did it to my classmate and I will write down here what happened to him.

What if I don’t get any side effects?

I'm out of touch on my spells but will it work on my cheating husband.

It really works great got a bit dizzy

Oct 06, 2021
That would be the energy. If you're dizzy it usually means you drained your body of the energy it needs instead of tapping into the energy around you. Have some fruit and take a nap. Alternatively, try grounding because it sometimes means you have too much energy.

How do you put a spell on the site?

Oct 06, 2021
Join a coven and become a council member. Since spells can be edited but not deleted, make sure it's a working spell with no spell/grammar issues and you include all of the steps [if you forget a step or have spelling mistakes, it can be edited, but it can take a while for the edit to be approved]

I need help my life is full of unlucky

Oct 12, 2022
A revenge spell isn't really the way to change your luck. I'm not saying don't do one [it could be rather cleansing for you] but you'll be charging negative energy into your space and if you don't clear it away properly, the energy will linger and cling to you. Cleanse, protect, bless, and good fortune [I feel like a broken record, but that's the magickal steps to turn your misfortune around] on a mundane level, reflect on your life and ask yourself if it's for your highest good? I'm not saying you need to go all Marie Kondo and toss 90% of your stuff and stop watching horror films, but I am saying you should find what sparks joy and focus on that. Clutter can bog down the energy because energy will get stuck in dark spaces [like behind bookshelves and in the corners of rooms] so the more you have, the harder it is for energy to flow naturally through your space. Next, look at your daily routine. Maybe scrolling on social media for 7 hours a day is making you miserable, your friends bring you down, you eat junk food and your job is a pain in your neck. These things keep you in a low vibration and since like attracts like, misfortune would be brought towards you. Reduce the time on social media, find a new job, try having a smoothie for breakfast. As for your friends, ask yourself which ones cause the most grief and if it's worth it [trust me, it's hard to look at loved ones and realize your relationship is based on wallowing in misery, but when you find those who you're meant to be with, everything feels better. You don't need to lose all of your loved ones either. There are a precious few who are willing to grow with you]

it made me vomit

When does the headache start? After staring the spell I got a headache straight away

Nov 16, 2022
Headaches are usually the result of draining your body of energy instead of charging energy from outside your body. Eat an apple, nuts, bread, or something to ground you, take a nap, and practice energy work before trying again so you don't get a headache.

How would I know if it worked, I have nothing to do with the person I cast it on. I'll let y'all know.

I tried this but dis not feel anything.

May 21, 2023
In theory, you didn't charge energy and didn't cast a spell. You would focus all your negative intentions on the target. Think about how you want them to suffer, feel the rage seething through your body. When you feel like screaming, start chanting. Repeat the chant over and over until your rage boils over, then release the spell [i suggest stomping your foot or clapping your hands, but whatever you feel sounds as relating. I've done spells where I focus the negative energy into a ball and then ''throw'' the ball in the direction of my target] When you're done, you should feel tired, but calm like a weight was lifted off your shoulder [you may feel guilt if you realized what you did went against your morals, but this is why you should think before you cast. Be careful what you wished for after all]

May 22, 2023
Appreciate your response. Before I cast this spell, the day before yesterday I was really mad and shouting and casted a spell to someone and after that, it makes my feelings really calm until today but not as energetic and just want to lie on my bed. Do you think that's the cause why I didn't work?

May 23, 2023
You unintentionally hexed someone out of anger. Heightened emotional states conjure a lot of magickal energy [we charge energy, we make it positive or negative, we direct the energy and we release it. Without witches casting spells, magick is a neutral force doing subtle influences to bring change] When you're angry, you say things you later regret. Magickally, the same is true. When you scream ''my life is the worst'' because you're frustrated, you're telling the universe this is true, and thus cursing yourself. This is why you need to keep your thoughts and words in order [this is why meditation and mindfulness are talked about a lot] To curse you must conjure all your hatred toward the person and release it at them. The Evil Eye, for example, is the result of someone glaring at you and sending bad vibes your way. Anyone can do this. Same with yelling ''you are terrible'' at someone who cut you off. You are sending hexes/jinxes at people with no candles or herbs required [this is why witches tend to categorize baneful workings as ''jinx'' ''hex'' and ''curse'' to differentiate the procedure. Jinxes are seen as simple bad luck ''I said hurtful things'' type of working. A hex is a little worse, might last a few weeks, might contain an item or two, but focuses on chanting and releasing your energy on the person. A curse is when someone really messed up and they need to pay for months, years, or even lifetimes. [these require the most planning and thought] The hex is out there, focus on recharging your body [you drained your own energy instead of drawing in energy first] then go from there. If you feel guilty, you can try a cleansing to stop the spell, but that energy is already gone, this would simply weaken the results, not stop them completely. You could bless the person or shield them if you're worried. I would focus on your magick, specifically your protections, but also mindfulness and meditation [however that looks for you]

Jun 05, 2023
Hey Neko. Thank you for the advised. It did work this time. Yesterday I did cast it to someone and visualize she will get sick with fever and today I confirmed she's experiencing slight fever and sorethroat.

It worked and now I get to be the good person

I just did this and my body just started to rock and I felt this pulling from within as though I was being drawn out of my body. When I was finished I had a very large almost wicked smile on my face

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