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This spell deals with issues with fathers
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mirror (optional)
  • Lists (see below) but not necessarily on paper
  • EITHER dislike of father OR want to rebuild/rekindle a father/child relationship.

Casting Instructions for 'Fathers'

1) Compile a list about your current father and what you dislike and like about him.

2) Compile a list about people you've been drawn to as father figures. What are some common threads?

3) Compile a list about what troubles you've had with your father.


Go to your mirror and charge it with energy. Visualize it in a color you associate with a perfect father figure. (E.g. If you think that Iron Man/Tony Stark is a great father figure to Peter Parker then use colors you associate with that bond.)


Use your lists to create a chant along the following lines:


"While I like my father for [x] I dislike him for [y]" (If you don't have a father omit this or change it as you see fit.)

"I would like a father figure that is [x] who will [y] and that I [z]"

"I would like a father figure that I will never [a] and who will never and with whom [c]"

"[Name of deity or generic term of devotion] please guide me"


Repeat as you wish. Focus on the energy in the mirror. What physical qualities does this ideal father figure have? A clean shaven face? A cosy moustache that is well groomed? (Or, if you don't have any ones, don't focus on this.) What emotional traits does he have? What does he do when he's worried about his wards? Or angry at them? Is he like Molly Weasley and will he get mad when he's nervous? How does he show happiness? What sort of things make him happy?


Visualize this in the mirror. TV show characters/other characters can't come to life but this spell should help you find peace and, hopefully, someone with the traits you wish for in a father.


"While I liked my father for [x] and disliked him for [y] I wish to make peace with him."

"I wish to mend [x] and do [y] in order for us to have a relationship where we [z]."

"I miss [x] and I wish we could [y] and then we will be [z] compared to our prior relationship."

"[Deity/generic devotional term] please guide us."



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I like this and would use a ritual like this, however, this needs a little work. I would make two separate posts instead of having the second chant at the bottom as the instructs can get muddy at points.

I would begin by releasing your pain surrounding your father. Consider writing a letter addressed to your father about how you feel. This could be a farewell if you are banishing your father from your life. If you plan to rebuild the relationship, let this be an end to the past and moving into a new relationship with your father. I would also do a cleaning before the ritual to further emphasize the new energy of this spell.

While creating your perfect father figure is wise if you chose to end the bond, you might not want to do this if you are rekindling the bond. Hoping your parent is something they are not can create tension. Especially if you accidentally cast with the intention of changing who they are to become your image of a good father. For those rebuilding the relationship, think of fond memories you shared. Think of things you admire in your father. Focus on your hopes for the future, but do not make your father into Superman when he is more like Homer Simpson.

Regarding the chant, I would state it more as facts than requests. ''I have a father who is [X] My father is [X]'' I would also change the chant completely because you should have conviction in your words. As outlined, it sounds like ''I know my father is a bad person, but please make him nice random deity. pretty please?'' Instead, it should be something like ''What was done is in the past, A bright future that will last, Father and I shall grow beyond, What was done is long gone. Give us healing energy, as I will it, so shall it be.'' It is not perfect, but just an example. Lastly, I would include your father in some way if you choose to rebuild the relationship. Relationships are a two-way street. While I applaud the desire to move on from something, if one person is unwilling to change, there is little you can do.

Jun 05, 2023
I am so sorry, I never really saw this, I kind of wrote this when I was in a rush. I think the original point I have tried (and worked on since) was not to change the father but to find a better source/better sources for the things unattainable. I will definitely use this advice. Sorry, Mr. Tadashi, and I will take this into account.

Jun 06, 2023
You have no reason to apologize. I was wanting to help you improve the spell and to help you on your path. I apologize if I came off as upset in any way. That was not my intention. This spell does have potential, and can be used to heal. Either heal a strained relationship, or heal from a toxic relationship. I applaud your efforts. Keep practicing.

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