Curse Against Enemies

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Puts a curse on your enemies.

Casting Instructions for 'Curse Against Enemies'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • voice
  • enemies
  • You may use anything other items to make the spell stronger.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • voice
  • enemies
  • You may use anything other items to make the spell stronger.
Chant the following three times:
Curse my enemies,
Curse my fears,
Curse those who have brought me tears,
Curse those who have done me wrong,
Make their punishment long and strong,
This is my will so mote it be.


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so what happens when you cast it

Feb 24, 2020
You charge energy and negative emotions [anger specificaly] visualize your target in pain and misery, and when you feel you may explode with rage, say the chant as many times as you feel necessary. Whatever you were visualizing should direct the energy to bring those misfortunes to them. You should feel very energizes, angry, fidgety, and when finished you might feel a calm sense of relief, drained, or still energized [it depends on if you used all the energy, too much energy, or not enough and need yo charge/ground after the spell] you should cleanse/protect yourself and your space afterwards to get rid of any lingering negative energy so you aren't negatively affected by the casting either.

How to remove this curse after doing it on someone

Apr 22, 2021
Maybe make a chant consisting of words that are opposite of the words used? If any objects were used, than burying it would've done the trick. But you can't bury words, so use new ones! A reversal chant:- Do not curse my enemies Me they now fear Lift the curse, that brings them tears Reverse the magick, it shall do no more wrong Enough of this evil, hear my will, loud and strong This is my will, so now I bury this curse by earth and sea It shall fade away, so mote it be

Can this be used on behalf of someone else

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