Simple Death

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This is a blood magic spell, so please be very careful when using this spell. It standard and pretty short, but still, be extremely careful and only use it if you truly want to cause someone pain.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black candle
  • small piece of Parchment paper
  • Your own blood (only 2-3 small drops)
  • The victim's name
  • Matches or a lighter

Casting Instructions for 'Simple Death'

Write the victims name on the paper (preferably in ink) and smear the few drops of blood on the paper over the victims name. Then light the candle, and hold the paper over the flame until it lights. Chant:

"By my blood and my desire,
(his/her/their" death I require"

Until the paper has turned to nothing but ash. After the final time chanting, say "This is my will so mote it be!" as you blow out the candle.


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Why make a spell like this?
Apr 19, 2019
while i doubt the effectiveness of this spell, it would be to kill someone who has wronged you. you might see it as immoral, but some people would not. think about those who support the death penalty, your loved one was murdered, so you want to murder the person back. i'm not saying it's right or wrong, just some people can justify their actions in this way.
it pretty sad what we can do but i will never use this spell unless i have beem wronged
Jul 10, 2019
your choice, but the fact you have it in the "maybe" pile just in case, not saying you're wrong, but you might wish to shine a spotlight on that and ask why you're ok taking a life if they wronged you first. when i was much younger [say 14-15] i thought the death penalty was fine when it was a serial killer or something, but the more i've researched and learned about the death penalty, death row inmates, and lethal injections, the more wrong i feel about it. everyones different, and if you lost a loved one in a horrible way [or discovered they were put into horrible circumstances at the hands of another] i won't judge you for thinking of this option. i never wanted to cast a death curse, no matter how much pain i was in. last year my in laws were in a crash and my father-in-law died. i didn't want the person responsible to die because i didn't feel that would be justice, so i know what i would do in that instance, but i also took time to reflect and go inside myself and discover what i view as moral long before the accident. i just hope you examine your views and draw your own conclusions before the need for a death curse comes up in your life.

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