Simple Death


Black candle
small piece of Parchment paper
Your own blood (only 2-3 small drops)
The victim's name
Matches or a lighter


This is a blood magic spell, so please be very careful when using this spell. It standard and pretty short, but still, be extremely careful and only use it if you truly want to cause someone pain.

Spell Casting

Write the victims name on the paper (preferably in ink) and smear the few drops of blood on the paper over the victims name. Then light the candle, and hold the paper over the flame until it lights. Chant:

"By my blood and my desire,
(his/her/their" death I require"

Until the paper has turned to nothing but ash. After the final time chanting, say "This is my will so mote it be!" as you blow out the candle.
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