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A unity spell to re-empower the martyr. All who cast shall be one themselves. Basically self resurrection
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Mind
  • Belief (obviously)

Casting Instructions for 'The Martyr'

After all the holy wars, it seems that very few martyrs have the power to rise from their death. For those who don't know what a martyr is, it is warrior of light, those who can fall in combat or be slain because of their intentions against the darkness. These warriors are not only physical but metaphysical as well, so even if you are just cleansing the land and get assassinated for it your power would triple as you become immortal. I myself have barley enough to raise again at death, and I do not age anymore.

 So in this spell you will be generating energy for the martyr to be healed, and so long as you keep in knowledge that you did so you will be martyred if you die trying to help fix this world. So basiclly spreading light, so if an evil force kills you while you are not being dark you will be immortal. A warrior of Allah. The more people that do this, the stronger it will be. And this is not the only source where people are doing this.



  Start by charging your ki, and your aura energy. Keep in mind that you are human, hence you can make all energys infinitly from the divine counterpart.

Do not think where its comimg from or going, just know it's going to the other side where the martyr is being resurrected.

So begin this chant: -kiinlocra nool, yol alacva shiinlok, miion ookva, kaun miion alvaki-/

Pronounced keen-loke-ra nool, yole alac-va sheen-loke, my-on oak-va, kahn my-on al-va-kie


Accept that you are a 4th dimensional being, so bending this 3rd dimension is easy once you know what you are. You must be a being of light, and this only works if you die with intentions that a demon... or the betrayer would oppose. The path of the martyr is the path of the immortal, the immortals are put humans that have found the truth, made themselves immortal. For death is but a belief, this world is controlled by us, it is ours. So let us reclaim it!

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