3 Powers Vampire

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This is another vampire spell that will give you three powers.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Casting Instructions for '3 Powers Vampire'

You only say this once

"Oh goddess of the night, mother to all kinds of creatures of the night. Turn me into a vampire. Vampires running through the night. Vampires hidden from the sunlight. Long and sharp things to help me with my appetite for blood. I will have three special powers that will be ( say 3 powers), and this is my will, so mote it be"

Added to on Jul 25, 2015
Last edited on Sep 04, 2017
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hey how long do it take to work

Jan 06, 2019
Forever. You cannot become a vampire. You are human and will remain so.

Mar 27, 2019
how long do i have to wait

Jul 28, 2019
Tika told you, vampires are not physically real, so you cannot become one. that's not how magick works.

I hope this works

Mar 29, 2019
You can not become a fictional/mythical creature, it is physically impossible. Remember not every spell works or is real on this site. When we use magick we are utilizing natural forces around us to bring change. Sure we can curse people and heal people but we cannot transform into another creature, use a spell to get our ideal body type or use a spell to choose the gender of your child.

Mar 29, 2019
So, fortunately, it will not work

Jul 26, 2019
kolship ive made vampiric spells and ive tested them on me and they've worked i used to love the sun now it hurts me badly i have to literally stay in the shade ive been nocturnal but that didnt work out

Jul 26, 2019
You're not a vampire, Zachariah (at least not a bloodsucking, burns in sunlight, can't go near garlic one). Please don't spread misinformation.

I hope it works

Apr 25, 2019
Vampires as described in this working, are not real and you cannot change your species or genetics with magick, so this spell won't work.

Vampires aren't fake cannibal s are vmpires a blood eating human so if u become a vampire by being a cannibal

Jun 30, 2019
I've never heard this argument for vampires before lol. What you're talking about is just people who drink human blood. They don't transform into vampires, they're just regular people with an irresponsible and dangerous lifestyle. (Seriously, don't drink blood. It can actually kill you.)

Jul 27, 2019
Your right vampires are very real

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