Half Night Fury

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This is a spell I created for anyone to be able to transform into a Night Fury.

Casting Instructions for 'Half Night Fury'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Picture of a Night Fury
  • Toothless toy - Optional
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Picture of a Night Fury
  • Toothless toy - Optional

If you have one, hold the Toothless toy and place the picture in front of you. Say this only once:

"Swift as air, Black as night, let the children be filled with fright. My wish is to become a Half Night Fury. To rule the skies as the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. I will be able to transform into the Night Fury completely at will, with little pain. To transform, I must visualize the change, to return, I must do the same. So mote it be."

Side effects:

  • Seeing visions of Night Furies
  • Feeling more draconic
  • Sharper nails and teeth
  • More nocturnal
  • Dreams of being a Night Fury
  • Being more alone, rather than humans
  • Starting to roar/growl often
  • Having an appetite of fish
  • Eyes more yellow/green
  • Pupils slightly becoming slits
  • Darker skin tone
  • Feeling more "Dangerous" on nights of the waxing moon, since that is when Night Furies attack most


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Last edited on May 24, 2022
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You cannot become half or full night fury, it's a fictional [though adorable] creature and you're human.

Dec 13, 2019
i agree with you

Feb 01, 2021
One of the sad truths of reality... Unless you're otherkin. But you'd still be pretty human.

So what nekoshema, anyway how long does it take?

May 05, 2020
A night fury is a fictional creature, physical transformations aren't possible with magick, that is the point of the initial comment. This type of magick is fictional, you can try, but it will never manifest, so no one can give you a time for manifestation.

*Sighs again while daydreaming* No. Sadly, no. Perhaps witches could use the symbolism of night-furies or other dragon species from How to Train your Dragon, but actual transformation would be impossible. At best you could transform your astral shape.

May 02, 2021
Or create astral egregores to serve as familiars in the form and shapes of dragons.

I’ll have to agree with all these people who have commented. (I only see most spells now as inspirations for my stories that uses spells.) I know spells and magick doesn’t work like this in real life.

You cannot physically transform into a night fury. This is fake.

you non believers i have a reason to believe that dragons exsist

Apr 14, 2023
Nobody is questioning whether or not Dragon's exist. They're astral beings. [I've worked with them for over a decade] what we're doing is educating new members on the reality of magick. Specifically, you can't physically transform into a Dragon.

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