Emotion Eye Color Change

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This is a spell that changes your eye color according to your emotion. Like if you are angry, your eyes will go red and so on

Casting Instructions for 'Emotion Eye Color Change'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Crayons, color pencils
  • Paper
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Crayons, color pencils
  • Paper

Write down the color you want to change to with your emotion (ex: red eyes - angry, blue eyes - sad, etc..). After that, think of what you made you sad, angry, etc for each emotion you wrote down. Say the spell 3x

"I have emotions
I want my eyes to go with it
Change my eye color
To what expression I do
My eyes to my emotion
My emotion to my eyes
Grant me this
After (the time you want spell to work)
This shall stay until I reverse
So please grant me this
So mote it be"


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Last edited on Apr 27, 2018
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Do you have to use both color pencil and crayon or just use 1

Jan 28, 2019
You can’t change your eye colour with magick, that is something controlled by our genetics. The best you could do is wear coloured contact lenses.

Apr 03, 2019
I think just 1

Sep 03, 2020
HearthWitch this is a self transmutation spell. What is magic but a science we don't understand yet. Some things we will never understand.

Oct 20, 2020
I agree with sepheron

Dec 21, 2020
HearthWitch is right you can't change your eye color it is based on you genetics but you can use contacts

myeyes have changed before but only wheni was attacked at school could this help with not getting beat up

Yeah, I don’t know if this will work but I cast it and my eyes feel like they are swelling.

Doesn't work At all

Sep 03, 2020
Have you tried it actually. Did you believe in it while trying. Where were you while casting? Did you follow the instructions exactly? Do you have any experience with spell casting?Did you even test it out, or try to find out if it worked? These are some important questions you'll need to ask yourself before just saying it doesn't work

Sep 03, 2020
On the physical, magick is ruled by nature, it doesn't contradict nature. Humans can't will their eyes to change from brown to purple [or whatever shade you choose] so a spell won't work that way. You could theoretically cast an illusion to make people think your brown eyes are blue, but your eyes will remain brown.

Oct 20, 2020
Nekoshema is correct

It is not possible to make your eye color change with your emotion..you can be rude to me all you want I could care less. I am simply stating a fact that's true...

Oct 22, 2020
Why would people be rude to you for saying this?

Oct 22, 2020
If you state a fact like you can't make your eye colour change with your emotions, you will receive a lot of angry comments calling you a hater and mean [to put it nicely. I've gotten a lot worse]

Are there som glamour spells that can you change the way you look but not genetics or dna like sometimes you mistake someone for somebody else so they change appearance to them but you haven’t physical changed just what people see then if so could someone show me or send a link to a spell like that.

Nov 26, 2020
Also if anyone like Nekoshema,hearthwitch or Moon fury people who know a lot about please email or send about spells and what’s real and fake and guides to a successful spell please email or send a link in this comment section thanks.

Nov 27, 2020
Yes, that's how glamours work. They create an illusion with the energy around you so people perceive you differently. Using a face wash you've infused with magick, this can work to clean your skin, but the energy gives the illusion of perfect skin [even if you have a zit you're trying to hide] Don't expect a glamour to make you wake up looking like Zendaya or somebody, but if you don't like your nose, a glamour can make it appear smaller and people will overlook it. I don't work with glamour, so I don't have any to share, but I do have a few easy beauty care ones in a few spellbooks as well as a few chants I created. Don't expect big changes, it's more for clean skin and confidence over looking like someone else.

Meant to put the word magic in between ‘lots about’ and ‘please’

Even if everyone says the spell doesn’t work, it doesn’t hurt to try. The worst that could happen is nothing will happen.

Hey, just wondering, what are the crayons and colored pencils needed for? I really want to learn magic like this, so I want to get it 100% correct.

A spell will not turn your eyes into a mood ring.

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