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A spell to make you beautiful.

Casting Instructions for 'Beauty'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mirror
  • Flower Petal (any kind, real or fake)
  • Cup
  • Water
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mirror
  • Flower Petal (any kind, real or fake)
  • Cup
  • Water

Put the flower in the water and say the spell 3 times:
"I call on Goddess Aphrodite
To send me beauty
My beauty shall be seen
By every person that be around me
Make me beautiful
Make (what you want to be beautiful)
That I always wished for
Send me beauty in (your time)
So mote it be"


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Last edited on Dec 22, 2017
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Regarding time frame I don't think it's needed since you can't wake up 'beautiful' but calling on Aphrodite while working towards physical beauty [however you define it] is plausible. Just remember you need to work towards you goal, and not sit around hoping everything changes. [also, try and be realistic, accept what you cannot change and find natural ways to change what you can]

Aug 05, 2019
I don't know who you are, but i am tired to see your negative comments everywhere, if you don't believe in this kind of spells, keep it for yourself please, you are forgetting the most important rule in magick, MAGICK IS LIMITLESS, so if you believe that magick, it is only for ''job spells'' or ''money spells'', YOU ARE WRONG, so please stop commenting in many ''crazy'' spells, that magick can't do that or the spell is fake, because you are making people believe that magick have limits, and in the past, witches did extraordinary stuffs, so if you believe that magick is only for getting you a better job, you are a shame.

Aug 05, 2019
Sorry, Joseph, I'm confused. Nekoshema didn't even say this spell didn't work. She said calling on Aphrodite for physical beauty was plausible and then said to be realistic. How is that negative? (And what does it have to do with job spells?) Also, yes, magick does have limits and it's incorrect and potentially harmful to allow people to believe that it doesn't.

Aug 06, 2019
I didn't say this spell doesn't work, I was saying in order for it to be more effective you need to include a few things like your own effort. Magick does have limitation, and those who claim it can do anything haven't actually studied magick. Magick could never make people fly or shapeshift, this was hearsay made up by scared religious types [and we have historical evidence to back it up as well as scientific] I don't believe magick is just used for jobs and money. Magick is useful for beauty, love, luck, protection and a lot more. What it cannot do is contradict nature, so any spell claiming it can is fake. This specific spell is fine, and probably works, just be aware you need to put in some effort of your own is all. Finally, just because I don't agree with you doesn't make me ''negative'' as well, I won't stop posting on the site because reality hurts your feelings, just as I can't stop you from posting on the site [provided we are both following the rules, we're free to do what we want]

now i wait

@JosephAlexy, Nekoshema is just saying his/her opinion, which isn't against the site, so he/she has a full right to do so. And he/she has been practicing Magick for quite a while, so he/she knows what he/she's saying. Also, he/she never said it didn't work, they just said that you can't wish for it to happen.

Sep 09, 2020
Thanks for that, really nice of you [and I'm female by the way]

Unless you work with Aphrodite, do not call on her. If you choose to call on a deity you do not work with, be sure to include an offering of thanks. That said, this spell is incomplete. What is the point of the ingredients listed? You could say this chant while washing your face and it could work, but as outlined, it is missing a few steps. On its own, a chant will do nothing.

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