Become a Neko

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To become half cat half human within you will.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Neko'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Belief
  • Alone Time
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Belief
  • Alone Time

Step One
Say this three times a day for a week, you can whisper it if you want. Takes 9 days to work:


"A neko I wish, so shall I become,
(color) ears, (color) tail when I command they will come.
Fangs and claws, they begin to grow,
My bright (eye color) eyes, they will glow.
I ask of you god, to grant me this now,
To be a neko, half cat, meow meow!"


~Side Effects~
-Back, Head, and toothaches
-Brighter Eyes
-Purring, Hissing, and Meowing
-Cravings for mil and fish
*If you want everything to be visible forever say "never to be undone" instead of "when I command, they will come" in the third line of the spell*


I do not own any credit for this spell. It is not mine but I wanted to share it with you all so don't be offended if it was yours to begin with.


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^ fact not fake (screams at autocorrect)

Transfiguration doesn't work like that. You can't turn yourself into something that doesn't exist, no matter how hard you try.

honestly i hate the fact that i stutter and i have hard time concentrating so yea magic will be difficult for me... mind anyone helping me out?

Mar 15, 2024
@HappyFluffy Yes what you can do is just practice on saying each word one at a time because the more you do the better you can pronounce.

Mar 16, 2024
HappyFluffy hasn't been on the site since 2019 so I doubt they'll see the response, but if others have this issue, I hope this will help. You don't need to speak to cast spells [chants are spoken, but you don't need to speak] You can create a chant that removes any words you stumble on to make it easier if you wish to chant, but you could also write the words [or crate a sigil] and burn it to release the spell. I've got ADHD [among other mental health issues] so I know how difficult it can be to concentrate, but it's possible. You can practice to increase your ability to concentrate, but you can concentrate on things that interest you. If you love painting, dancing, writing, singing, whatever, you can infuse that with magick and cast spells. Think about what you enjoy doing and how you can use it to build energy for a spell. Lets say you like going for runs, put some items in your pocket and as you run, think about the item being charged with magick. You don't need to focus on this the entire time, but every so often, think about the item and imagine it glowing with magickal energy, when you return home, you can place the object with your other magickal items and use it later in spells [most items can be charged in advance and will hold their charge for a month or two depending on several factors. You could also hold objects when you feel a strong emotion to charge it with that intention] Magick is everywhere so you can utilize it in your every day life. Spells are like ritualized prayers so you can alter them to work best for you. It might be difficult, but you can work to improve things like concentration, but you can cast spells [even if you buy spell kits which are precharged, you can do spells] I'd suggest journaling and figure out what works best for you and try that [again, if you like yoga, how can you turn your yoga practice into a spell. If you cook, how can you infuse your cooking with magick. Even video games, you could carve a sigil in a candle and let it burn as you play. The energy you are charging during an intense gaming session could be used to charge the candle]

is this in real life or not

Mar 28, 2020
no its not. you cant do transfiguration because its against the laws of nature. this simply is impossible. sorry M8.

We cant physically turn into animals or make believes Heartwith and Nekoshema are just using there opinion they are not rude or something its just there opinion if you really believe that ur gonna transform into something you like then believe it its just an opinion and my own opinion is ur not physically turn into a neko

Jul 31, 2023
I agree... You can't turn into something that isn't real, all they have to do is buy some hair clips with cat ears attached to them it's basically the same thing but possible

You cannot physically become half cat.

Feb 17, 2021
They did not. They clearly intended it to be a physical change, especially since they included side effects like physical pain. This spell is to turn you into a human with feline characteristics, which is not possible.

Oh lord I remember doing these things a few years ago and I thought it would work. Spoiler alert it doesn't. You CAN'T change into a cat girl or whatever. But, you may be able to manifest it since you can technically do that. You can also shift into a reality where you are ''half cat''. With magick this is impossible though, so any ''transformation spells'' like this don't work.

This will not work you were born a human not a half cat half human being. You cannot change your dna with a spell l.

I don't think that a neko is real just go to and buy yourself a hair clips with cat ears attached to them and a belt with a cat tail on it

Mar 15, 2024
Sadly, I can't do that where I live because it's illegal. :( Y'all. Nedda, stop being mean to people. Let them believe in what they want. I know if you think it's ''fake.'' If you wanna say something, don't just say that it's ''Fake'' or ''Not real. I tried it.''

Mar 16, 2024
Truth is truth regardless of if you want yo hear it or not. The purpose of this site is to discuss, share, and learn about genuine magical practices. Spells like this, though at times entertaining, are non-functional and support nothing when it comes to personal growth.

It is not mean to inform people of ineffective or even false ideas. It is an effort to inform people and direct them (and their efforts) towards spells and practices that will be actually constructive. Spells like these come about for many reasons; Missing understanding, lack of experience, all the way to escape and delusion. Supporting such things, being 'nice' for sake of ego, is in fact what leads to harm.

If one wants to learn, they must first understand they have a need to learn. How can someone gain what they have convinced themselves they already have? This is why the first thing most must achieve in any path is to let go of Ego.

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