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This is my own song I made to become a child of Artemis. It really does work.

Casting Instructions for 'Artemis Song'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candles
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candles

Sing this song once and Artemis will hear you. Ask her to be her child. Once again this is copyright if you post it somewhere else.

Verse 1
"I'm on my way
I'm coming to the night
I'm on my way
I will be back in the night
I'm on my way
Back to my dwelling place
I'm on my way
Ready to go back to the dark"

"Run, run, run for your life
Run, run, run for the moon light
Run, run, run for your love
Run, run, the hunt has begun"

Verse 2
"I'm on my way
To my mothers throne
I'm on my way
Back to Artemis' home"


Verse 3
"There is no more time
It's time for you to die
There is no place to hide
This is a sacrifice
We can smell your fear
We know that your here
We are here to play
But this game isn't safe"


Verse 4
"Come, come,.come here and die
Don't, don't, don't bother asking why
Run, run, the hunt isn't fun "

After singing that in a chant like motion, ask Artemisto be her child.


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What is the tune

Oct 12, 2020
I assume it can be any tune you like, but I could be wrong.

I like the sound of this but does it work?

Who owns the copywrite, exactly? Try it the next time you hold circle and wish to honour Artemis.

So, there's a teeny bit of a problem I wanted to point out. Artemis is a virgin goddess, meaning she doesn't have any children. Not sure if that what this meant (?), but just wanted to clear that up.

Nov 26, 2021
It may be designed metaphorically to become more of a devotee of Artemis. Only the word child is used. In other words it may not be intended literally.

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