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Get to know the wands and how to make them.

Specializations of Different Woods:

It is said that wands have many different specializations, according to the wood they made of. The wood of Yew has a specialization for healing, an Olive wood for bringing reconciliation, and the Rose for bringing love to its owner. Although the woods of the wand may posses these specializations, it is up to you what wood are you going to use.

Wand Making:

To make a nice and beautiful wand, you need an athame, said to be a small knife for wizards when making their own wand. Carefully pluck a straight branch from a tree you prefer and carefully remove its twigs and leaves. Then, using an athame, carve the branch of wood with the design of your choice and then you may add some varnish to the wood to look shiny and nice. You may also add some crystals in it to look gracious.

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Oct 27, 2019
does it have to be an athame, or can it be any knife?

Nov 02, 2019
I think that you can use any knife, just that an athame would be best.

Aug 31, 2020
Help me please, how do I get rid of a wand without making it angry?

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