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A list of the runes, their meanings, etc.

Fehu: F
(Cattle, money and wealth)
Astrology: Aries
Color: Light or transparent red
Deity: Aesir
Positive meaning:Possessions, money, property, good luck, financial stability and growth.
Negative meaning:A person to avoid. Failure, loss of possessions, greed.

Uruz: U
Color: Dark, emerald green
Deity: Vanir
Positive meaning: Happiness, fortune, potential, physical peak of strength and health.
Negative meaning: Illness, bad luck, brutality, weakness.

Thurisaz: TH
(Thorns, Giant,
Astrology: Mars
Color: Red
Deity: Thor
Positive meaning: Journey, good conflict, change, cleansing.
Negative meaning: Danger, evil, malice, pain.

Ansuz: A
(As, Gods)
Astrology: Mercury
Color: Dark blue
Deity: Odhinn
Positive meaning: Revealing insight, divine message, speech, words.
Negative meaning: Bad advice, lies, misunderstanding, manipulation.

Raidho: R
(Horseback, chariot, etc)
Astrology: Sagittarius
Color: Red
Deity: Forseti
Positive meaning: Travel, truth, perspective.
Negative meaning: Rigidity, illusions, death.

Kenaz: K
(Torch, light, forge)
Astrology: N/A
Color: Light red
Deity: Freyja/ Loki
Positive meaning: Knowledge, creativity, inspiration, craft and cunning.
Negative meaning: Bad judgment, confusion, instability.

Gebo: G
(Gift, blessing)
Astrology: Pisces
Color: Blue
Deity: Odhinn and Freyja
Positive meaning: Gifts, both earthly and otherly. Generosity, exchanges, relationships.
Negative meaning: Lonliness, sadness from someone close, loss of loved ones.

Wunjo: W
(Joy, bliss, happiness)
Astrology: Leo
Color: Yellow
Deity: Elves/ Freyr
Positive meaning: Security, joy, comfort, fellowship, social life.
Negative meaning: Sorrow, strife, alienation, berzerker.

Hagalaz: H
(Hail, snow)
Astrology: Aquarius
Color: Baby blue
Deity: Ymir
Positive meaning: Nature, earthly forces, weather, unconscious, trials.
Negative meaning: Suffering, loss of power, setbacks, out of control.

Nauthiz: N
(Need, necessity)
Astrology: Capricorn
Color: Black
Deity: Norns
Positive meaning: Resistance leading to strengh or grow, self-reliance.
Negative meaning: Impatience, poverty, distress, wants and deprivations.

Isa: I
Astrology: Moon
Color: Black
Deity: Frost Giants
Positive meaning: Calmness, stillness, both in body and mind. Time.
Negative meaning: Illusion, deceit, ambush, plots.

Jera: J
(A year, harvest)
Color: Baby blue
Deity: Freyr
Positive meaning: Peace, happiness, fruitfulness, prosperity.
Negative meaning: Setbacks, negative change, destruction.

Eihwaz: EI
(Mountain ash/yew tree)
Astrology: Scorpio
Color: Dark blue
Deity: Ull
Positive meaning: Strength, strong stance, dependability, endurance.
Negative meaning: Weakness, conflict, death.

Perthro: P
(Fate, cup)
Astrology: Saturn
Color: Black
Deity: Norns
Positive meaning: Unexpected things, surprises, secrets, mystery.
Negative meaning: Hurtful secrets, things hidden from you.

Algiz: Z
(Protection, elk)
Astrology: Cancer
Color: Gikd
Deity: Valkyr
Positive meaning: Protection, shielding, defense, warding, connection with higher life.
Negative meaning: Hidden danger, loss of divine, taboo, people working against you.

Sowilo: S
Astrology: Sun
Color: White and silver
Deity: Balder
Positive meaning: Success, honor, health and life, power.
Negative meaning: Unmet goals, loss of goals, vanity and wrath.

Tiwaz: T
( Tyr: sky God)
Astrology: Libra
Color: Bright red
Deity: Tyr
Positive meaning: Honor, justice, authority and leadership.
Negative meaning: Over-sacrifice, injustice, war.

Berkano: B
(Birch tree, birch goddess)
Astrology: Virgo
Color:Dark green
Deity: Frigg
Positive meaning: Fertility, growth, regenerative power, new beginnings.
Negative meaning: Sterility, stagnation, abandon.

Ehwaz: E
(Horses, stallions, etc)
Astrology: Gemini
Color: White
Deity: Freyja
Positive meaning: Transportation, movement, change, progress.
Negative meaning: Haste, recklessness, misuse.

Mannaz: M
(Men, mankind, humans)
Astrology: Jupiter
Color: Red
Deity: Heimdall
Positive meaning: The Self, individualism, intelligence, awareness.
Negative meaning: Lack of creativity, depression, withering, suicide, confusion.

Laguz: L
Astrology: Moon
Color: Green
Positive meaning: Flow, life, healing, dreams.
negative meaning: Fear, madness, sickness.

Ingwaz: NG
(Ing: Earth God)
Astrology:Moon (quarters)
Deity: Ing
Positive meaning: Male fertility, growth and learning, love, warmth.
Negative meaning: Toil, conflict in work, overbearing labor.

Dagaz: D
( Day/ dawn)
Astrology: Moon (dark)
Color: Blue
Deity: Odhinn
Positive meaning: Awakening or awareness, light, clarification, plans, transformation, hope.
Negative meaning: Limitations, blindness, hopelessness, defeat.

Othala: O
Astrology: Moon (full)
Color: Yellow
Deity: Odhinn and Thor
Positive meaning: Inherited things, things important to the heart, groups, heritage.
Negative meaning: Totalitarianism, slavery and poverty, without home.


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