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  • 101 - Subtle Planes
    A beginner's guide to one form of metaphysics and energy work as told by Alfadottir.
  • Animal Fylgja
    An introduction the Norse concept of "animal fylgja".
  • Asatru Ceremonies
    Describing the various types of ceremonies in Asatru.
  • Asatru for Dummies
    A description of Asatru and its practices.
  • Aura Cleansing (members only)
    To get rid of negativity and cleanse your aura.
  • Beginners Help
    I have this posted in the coven for people, but wanted those outside to be able to use it as well.
  • Etin/Jotun
    A short article explaining what the Jotun are, from the Norse pantheons.
  • Feast of Fallen Warriors
    A Nordic ritual to honor the fallen warriors, as well as call upon Freyja, Freyr, and Odin.
  • Female Norse Spirits
    A description of female spirits from Norse tradition
  • Going-Under
    An article describing the practice of "Going Under" in northern tradition.
  • Hammer Hallowing
    A form of the Hammer Rite to hallow the stead and protect it from things unwanted.
  • Hekate Invocation (members only)
    This is a true ritual to invoke Hekate in all her misunderstood glory. :P
  • Herbal Basics
    A basic introduction to medicinal and magical herbalism.
  • Hoodoo: Goofer Dust
    Explanation on what Goofer Dust is in Hoodoo.
  • Horsing Norse Gods
    I'm going to copy/paste some GREAT info from the book, Wightridden (by Raven K, all credit goes to him) , about horsing deities. In particular, certain deities and the traits they can exhibit.
  • How to Write a Spell
    A basic summary of how to go about creating a spell for yourself.
  • Hungering Dead Ritual (members only)
    To 'feed' your enemies to the spirits.
  • Identifying Your Totems
    How to identify your totem animals
  • Introduction to Asatru
    A brief intro to the heathen faith of Asatru.
  • Is Wicca Ancient?
    A discussion of the roots of modern Wicca.
  • Jormungandr: The Midgard Serpent
    A brief explanation of who Jormungandr is.
  • Land Spirits (Landvaettir)
    Explaining the concept of Landvaettir, how they are incorporated into practices, etc.
  • Levels of Deity Assumption
    This is a list of the levels of deity assumption. It?s believed to have been circulated by Willow Polson. It starts off at the lowest level, working its way up through full-on possession.
  • Live Things In You
    An article on the Magickal ailment known in Hoodoo as Live Things In You.
  • Lokeans for Dummies
    A description of what a Lokean is.
  • Mound-Sitting
    An article describing Mound Sitting, it's place in Northern Tradition, and how it is done.
  • Negative Confession
    An explanation and walk-through of the ancient Egyptian practice of the declaration of innocence.
  • Nidstang
    A brief article detailing the Nidstand, or the Nidhing Pole, which is a Nordic cursing pole.
  • Nine Noble Virtues
    The NNV concepts of Asatru.
  • Nope, No Vampires
    An explanation of why the concept of the classic vampire isn't reality.
  • Orlog
    An explanation to the concept of "fate", "soul" and things of that sort.
  • Protogenoi
    A list of Early Greek Gods and Goddesses
  • Runes
    A list of the runes, their meanings, etc.
  • Shaman Sickness (NTS)
    A description of how shaman sickness is viewed and thought of in Northern Tradition Shamanism.
  • Spearmint: Magickal & Medicinal Uses
    An article on the usages of Spearmint for Magickal and Medicinal means.
  • The SixFold Goal
    Explaining the concepts behind the "six fold goal" of Asatru.
  • The Three Primordials
    The oldest way of religious belief defined that there were three original primordial beings
  • The Volva Stav
    A detailed description of how most Volvas use a Stav.
  • The Younger Futhark Runes
    The Younger Futhark are the runes of the Northern areas of Europe. These were the runes of the Viking Era. They come after the Elder Futhark which is Germannic in origin.
  • Thursatru for Dummies
    An introduction to the controversial "Thursatru".
  • Totem Animals
    A list of various totem animals and information on them
  • Traditional Runestaves
    A Northern-Tradition means of making a lot of runes and loading them with the essence of the rune(s).
  • Unbinding Ritual (members only)
    To Remove Any Binding
  • Volva: The Seeress
    An explanation on who and what the Volva are.
  • Writing Spells
    An informative article on basic spell writing.
  • Wyrd
    An article detailing "Wyrd", a concept of "Fate".

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