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Welcome to the Academy! The Dark and Light:School of Magic and Metaphysics seeks to serve as a place of knowledge and education for our members and allow them to come together; to learn and grow as practitioners and magic workers.
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~The Dark and Light: School of Magic and Metaphysics~

Originally DaL was an eclectic coven and served as a place to bring together practitioners from all walks of life. In keeping with that theme, we would like to take it a step further. With our current resurrection of DaL, we hope to have it serve as a school for SoM members and provide them with classes.

Our goal is to provide members with classes and coursework to help them with magic and spell casting. We hope to serve as a school and place of kinship for members.

We will have lesson plans, video lectures/tutorials, quizzes, etc to provide our members with the skills and information to become successful practitioners.

Whether you want to enroll in classes or just have a place to call home, DaL is here to help meet those needs!

~Prospective Classes, Thus Far~

- Again these are subject to change depending on instructors and # of students per class. Some classes can be combined and condensed, if needed. -

  • Beginner Basics
  • Herb Magic
  • Crystal Magic
  • Potions and Elixirs
  • Oils and Incense
  • Magic and Lunar Cycles
  • Mythology
  • Kitchen Witchcraft and the Magical Household
  • Aromatherapy
  • Spirits and Spirit Work for the Beginner Witch
  • Charms and Enchantments
  • Divination
  • Candle Magic
  • Poppets, Jars, and Knots Magic
  • Weather Working & Elemental Magic (working magic using elemental energies and energies of atmospheric phenomena)
  • Seasons and their magical associations

~The Houses of The Dark and Light~

All members will be able to take classes, regardless of house.We even have a quiz designed to help our students find where they will be placed!

The houses are where our new students will be sorted based on personality, interests, etc. The houses act as study groups and places of community and kinship for our members.

We will have house games and rewards based on house participation and activity within the School.

~The Houses:~

Owl : - House Leader - Misanthropy

Owl sees all. Owl is the wise and grizzled spirit of the forest that knows all of nature's mysteries. Owl is a teacher and guide that speaks of using knowledge and wit to achieve our goals, as opposed to the use of brute force.

Those of House Strix are our scholars. They are lovers of research, learning, creativity, and related pursuits.

Wolf :- House Leader - Sternenlicht

Wolf teaches us to run with the pack. We all need support and the wolf is nothing without the strength of the pack behind him. Wolf sings of strength in numbers, freedom, a desire to run with the spirits of the wild, of cunning-ness, and the power of nature.

Those of House Lupus value friendship, loyalty, and honesty. They put their pack (house) before themselves, and stand against those who would do them harm; for the wolf is nothing without his/her pack.

Bear: - House Leader - Pixa

Bear represents strength and fortitude. Bear teaches us to show no fear and to meet challenges head on. Bear fears nothing, for he/she is king/queen of the forest.

Those of House Ursidae are courageous, strong, and pure of heart. They stand up for what is right and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Fox : - House Leader - Mishipeshu

Fox is a cunning trickster that uses intelligence and subterfuge to outwit and flee from enemies. Fox does not rely on brute force, but rather wit of mind to get what he/she wants.

Those of House Vulpes value cunning and wit. They are the ambitious tricksters and mischief makers, but always know how to get what they want or get back at those that would slight them.

~ Welcome Home ~

Joining our sanctuary is a simple process; click the membership link above and send an application to the Priest, Misanthropy, and Priestess, Pixa.Your application will then be discussed by the council. Right now we are rather small, so the application is as follows:

+ Make sure you have some sort of bio/picture available

+ Tell us about yourself.

+ Tell us about your practices/experience/or what you would like to learn more about

+ Let us know how much time you would be available to be online and active

+ What can you contribute to the coven? Being active? Teaching? Helping others? Let us know what you think you could add to our community!

Any applicants who do not have a profile picture and bio will be automatically rejected.

~Coven House Quiz:~

Please be sure to send your answers, along with your application questions, that way we can have you sorted into a coven house upon the acceptance of your application!

What is your favorite color out of those listed below?

  1. Silver

  2. Red

  3. Purple

  4. Blue

Pick an element.

  1. Fire

  2. Water

  3. Earth

  4. Air

What is your favorite hobby, out of those listed below?

  1. Camping

  2. Reading

  3. Going to the movies and listening to music

  4. Spending time with family and friends

Your ideal vacation spot would be?

  1. Beach

  2. Cozy cabin in the woods

  3. Theme Park

  4. Cross country road trip

How would others describe you?

  1. Friendly

  2. Intelligent

  3. Shy

  4. Brave

What would you most likely use magic for?

  1. Protecting yourself and loved ones.

  2. Getting revenge on those whove wronged you.

  3. Healing.

  4. Achieving your dreams.

At a party, you are the person that is:

  1. The wallflower.

  2. The life of the party.

  3. You stay with a few close friends.

  4. What party? You wouldnt go. You have better things to do!

How do you feel about cheating if it means youre going to get ahead and get what you want?

  1. I would never cheat.

  2. I cheat all the time. Its fine as long as no one finds out.

  3. I only do it sometimes.

  4. Ive done it once but felt bad about it afterwards.

In your group of friends,you are the:

  1. The hyper one.

  2. The quiet one.

  3. The one thats up for anything.

  4. The voice of reason.

Out of the items listed here, what would your preferred magical item/tool be?

  1. Wand

  2. Sword

  3. Book of Magical Spells

  4. Athame

High Priestess
High Priest
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