The Dark and Light

Covens The Dark and Light
Passionate folk of any calling are welcome to converse with DaLfolk as we are fond of forging new understandings. We are not about balance in the form of dark and light as the name suggests, but rather focus on helping people find their own balance inside of a community.
More about The Dark and Light

~ Our Sanctuary~

We want to welcome you to a place that, no matter where we come from or are going, we can find a sanctuary in which we can share knowledge with those who need it and others can teach us what we need to learn.

Regardless of our paths, we can find our own forms of balance. We recognize that things are not always about the Dark and the Light and finding where we belong between the two, but rather finding our own kind of balance in ourselves as a community, and as a family. This is our sanctuary; the place where we all come together to find ourselves and wherever we may be going.

~ A Glance at DaLfolk ~

Artisans, poets, writers, thinkers, crafters, gamers, cooks, readers, horror buffs, the inquisitive, the rowdy, the calm, the studious - these are all aspects of our lives and personalities that we feel are just as important as any magical, spiritual, or religious endeavor. The mundane and occult go hand in hand for many of us - we range from Spirit Workers, to Seers, to Witches, to Pagans, and to all manner of practitioners. Our studies range through lore, folklore, modern writings we click with, personal development, and the resources we build.

~ Welcome Home ~

Joining our sanctuary is a simple process; click the membership link above and you will be contacted by Drusus with a survey for you to fill out that will help us determine if you are a good fit for our coven. Your application will then be dicussed by the council.

Any applicants who do not have a profile picture and bio will be automatically rejected.

High Priestess
High Priest
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