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Name: Arrowitch
Birthday: Mar 23 2001
Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 17 Jul 2024
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Coven Title: Priestess

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Merry meet!~ I am Zoe )0(
Applications to my coven are open - message me for details.

Call me Zoe! I am 21. Magic has been my passion since I was just 11 years old, and I have been actively practicing since I was 13. I am currently surrounded by it in my life as I work at an extremely large Metaphysical bookstore with amazing tools and resources.

My personality type is INFP. I am queer!I have been a natural empath and lightworker since I was born. My Sun sign is Aries, my moon Pisces, my rising Leo.I am an artist and enjoy drawing people/nature, writing poetry, and playing the ukulele. I have an extensive and curated gemstone collectionand am considering going to school for Gemology, Geology or Entymology.

I don't love to label magic,but to help put it in perspective... When people ask me what I am, I tend to call myself an omnist witch lightworker.

Find more information below. Mail me any time. Blessed be! )0(

Some of what I practice:

  • Crystal Magic, Crystal Healing (I have a large collectionof stones. However I am avidly into Crystal Ethics and how mining harms the earth and the poor conditions of workers. Please make sure you are purchasing stones from shops that PRIORITIZE ethical sourcing!! The Earth is suffering!)
  • Divination - Tarot/Oracle, Pendulum, Runes, Tasseography, Palmistry, Scrying.
  • Sigil work
  • Meditation, Guided Meditation, Hypnosis (self and inducing others, hypnotherapy)
  • Astrology
  • Astronomy & Celestial Space Magic
  • Body and Spirit Healing, Animal Healing
  • Potions, Salves, Oils etc
  • Candle Magic
  • Elemental Magic
  • Herbology
  • Chakras, Energy Manipulation within body and space
  • Cleansing, Blessing, Enchanting, Purification
  • Shielding and protection magic

I like to focus on healing, protection, happiness,fertility, luck, cleansing, blessing, wish spells, purification, stability, and other positive intentions with my spellwork and energy work.


If you would like a Tarot reading, Pendulum reading,or a spell written for you,you may contact me . Please explain the situation and have a question/spread/information ready.Depending on the situation I may decline/accept.Iwill NOT cast spells for you.

I will draw free sigil requests. Mail me! Please do not claim my sigils as your own. Check out some of my sigilshere;


Magic does not solve Crisis. If you are in crisis, contact 911 or your native emergency number, or find a hotline.
(USA) National Suicide Prevention Hotline - 988
For a text crisis hotline, text HOME to 741741.


Rest in Peace, TaranGaia. Wishing you well Drusus, wherever you are.I love you, and thank you for everything.