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My name is Alice and I'm 24years old. Feel free to introduce yourself. :)

I practice with tarot, meditation, and energy a lot, especially healing and cleansing, although lately I have been doing a lot of research on herbal magic for the novel I'm writing. I have also workeda little bit with astral projection, but after a couple of bad experiences, I decided to take a break.

I am an aspiring writer. Most of what is posted to my website is just my poetry, but if you're interested in reading any of it, check it out and let me know what you think (www.aliceharrietwintries.wordpress.com). I am currently working on my first full-length novel, one that I have scrapped several times, but this time I truly feel happy with where it is headed. I am only a few chapters in though, so I've still got a ways to go. I have also finished several short stories, but so far, have not gotten any published. Not so much for lack of trying, but rejection is just a part of life.

I am bisexual, and it took me kind of a while to come out. So if you are going through something similar, trust me when I say it gets easier, and if you need someone to talk to, you can message me. I'll always listen.

I am also engaged, and I'm incredibly happy with him, so please don't flirt with me. I'm not interested. I am happy to talk and be friendly, but nothing more.