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An explanation about Runes.

Runes are a method of divination, which have been used by the Vikings in the north, the Germans and many others. I use the German Futhark, simple because it's the oldest alfabet, so in its purest form.

Runes are signs, which originally represented a creature, (abstract) object or a position.

They have meanings, which can be used in rituals, spells, inscriptions or amulets.

You can use them through "Runestones", which can be made out of wooden chips, stones or iron, depending on your liking.

Stones can be inscripted or painted, while wood can be painted, burned, inscripted, drawed, etc. Iron can mostly only be inscripted. But what do you have to inscript? I'll show the Futhark Runes below.

Fehu: (fay-hu) Cattle. Wealth and all that comes

with it including the good and bad. Learn more

about this rune in my article Fehu - Rune of

Wealth and Power.

Uruz: (oo-rooz) Aurochs, ox. Strength, standing

one's ground, will, determination. Learn more in

my article Uruz - Norse Rune of Health and


Thurisaz: (thur-ee-sahz) Thurs, thorn. giant. Thor.

Force - physical or magical - for good or ill.

Overcoming obstacles.

Ansuz: (ahn-sooz) God, mouth. Odin.

Communication, divine inspiration, spiritual


Raidho: (rah-eed-ho) Ride. A journey whether

physical or spiritual, transportation issues, the

path of the journey rather than just the


Kenaz: (ken-ahz) Torch. Light in the darkness,

heat, fire, enlightenment, illuminating that which

is hidden.

Gebo: (gheb-o) Gift. Generosity, hospitality, gift

giving whether you expect something or as a fair

exchange, sacrifice.

Wunjo: (woon-yo) Joy. Bliss, happiness, revelry,

good news, being happy with what you have.

Yggdrasil - The Norse World Tree

Second Aett

Hagalaz: (ha-ga-lahz) Hail. The storm that brings

change, new beginning, a ruminating seed, the

chaos before creation.

Naudhiz: (nowd-heez) Need. Necessity for caution

because of limited choices, need to approach

situation wisely, constraint. Hopeful outcome if

right action is taken.

Isa: (ee-sa) Ice. A barrier, frustration, need to

stop and assess situation, possible hidden

agenda, patience needed. Yet, ice holds the

promise of melting and giving way to spring.

Jera: (yare-a) Year. Harvest, completion of a cycle,

rewards of labor, benefits of long-term planning

coming to fruition, slow but steady change.

Eihwaz: (ay-wahz) Yew tree. The world tree

(Yggdrasil), stability, the power of life and death,

connections between different worlds and people,

getting to the heart of a matter.

Perthro: (per-thro) Lot, game of chance.

Competition, friendly or otherwise, fate, destiny,


Elhaz: (el-hazh) Elk, elk-sedge. Protection,

warding, self-defense physically and magically.

Also called Algiz.

Sowilo: (so-wee-lo) Sun. Sunna (female Norse sun

goddess). Good fortune, energy, victory,


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