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These rituals and articles have been added by the Coven of Magical Knights. Questions or comments regarding anything on these pages should be directed toward them.

To add an article to this book you must be level Council or above in Magical Knights.

  • Ancestral Tea Party
    It supposed to be one of alternative to celebrate your Samhain which I did for the last 2 years
  • Bio's
    my thoughts on what makes a good bio I had some help writing this through chatter so credit goes to Nordstar and Lostone
  • Casting a simple Circle (members only)
    If you're new to spell casting, you need to understand the importance of casting a circle before beginning your work. This is to protect your work from potenial problems or uninvited guests.
  • Casting the Circle
    A discussion of why a circle is cast, how to go about it, and what you need to do with the circle once you have completed your workings.
  • Celtic Circle Cast
    This is the wording of a circle cast using traditional Celtic imagery in calling the Quarters
  • Christian Wicca
    An excellent discussion as to why the term Christian Wicca is an oxymoron and why the two religions are mutually exclusive by C. Beyer at "Wicca For the Rest of Us" at
  • Cord and Knot Magic
    Cord and knot magic has been around for a long time. It is an easy alternative to candle magic and requires minimal supplies
  • Divination: an essay
    By Laurel (morallaurel on
  • Evoking the Elements (members only)
    A simple ritual to evoke the elements.
  • Finding your Guardian
    This ritual is completely internal and allows you to locate your Guardian entity (below will explain)
  • Fundamentals of Magick
    For all wanting to know what is magick and how it works and all about it.
  • Ground and Center
    The basis for successful energy work and spell work.
  • Heel ?n? Toe Polka
    A traditional Aussie bush dance!
  • How to Design a Wiccan Ritual
    A description of the considerations involved in designing a ritual for a Wiccan group. It could be modified for non-Wiccan use if desired.
  • How to Meditate
    Meditation is one of the basics for magick. It is also a really important aspect of ones life.
  • Magical or Craft Names
    Many of us in the Craft take on new names for ourselves. But how and why do we go about it?
  • Mom. I'm Wiccan
    How to go about telling your parents that you are Wiccan and what to do if they refuse to let you practice.
  • Moon Phases
    All about Moon phases.
  • Ridding Yourself of Negativity
    We are exposed to negative energies everyday. Here's some ways to cleanse yourself of any negativity that clings to you.
  • Runes
    An explanation about Runes.
  • Simple Circle Casting
    How to cast a cricle and all about it!
  • Spell Work - Tips
    An article for those who have a firm grasp on the basics to help them advance and deepen their understanding of spell working for more effective casts.
  • Teaching Wicca to Minors
    In the USA it is illegal to teach Wicca to a minor without the express consent of the minor's parents. And here's why.
  • The 7 Chakras
    The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it's important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.
  • The Degree System in Wicca
    What is the Degree system? What does it mean and how do you go about gaining a Degree?
  • Visualization
    Doing magic requires that you have a clear picture of what you wish to do in your mind. Here's how to develop that skill
  • Visualization
    Visualization is a key element in working magic. Here's a way to develop that skill
  • What Wicca Is and Isn't
    A discussion of the beliefs and practices which make Wicca into the specific religion it is supposed to be.
  • What is a Stang in Wicca?
    Explanation of what a Stang is?
  • Where Are The Elders?
    Why is it that it is so hard to find Wiccan Elders who are willing to teach and to encourage Wiccan Seekers on their path? There are many reasons and these are some of them.
  • Where Are The Elders?
    An explaination as to why many of the Elders of the Wiccan community have withdrawn from writing and teaching.
  • Why kinesis would be a waste of time.
    Mail me why you agree or disagree!
  • Writing Your Own Spell
    A step by step guide to writing your own spells.
  • Writing a Good Bio for your Profile
    This article will summarize how to write a good bio for your profile.
  • Yule
    We had a Christmas competition about who could write the best written article and Ogreenwitch came up trumps. This article about Yule and how we pagans celebrate it. Written by Ogreenwitch Edited by Lark Posted by Ignis
  • coven survival guide (members only)
    I thought I may add a bit of my own survival guide to the coven.

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