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Spell Index => Love Spells => Attraction Spells

Spells of attraction are a very powerful set of spells. They deal with how others see you, or in the case they are casted on another person, how others see them.

When these spells backfire, or are cast incorrectly the results usually end up going against the caster in the worse possible way. In nearly all cases the caster becomes uglier and uglier.

For this reason, the exact ingredients must be used for each spell, and the spells cast exactly as stated.

More Free Attraction Spells

Homeless Animals Spell
Love Braid Binding Spell
Love Guidance spell
Love Potion
Love spell *tested*
Love Vision
Lust from Blood
Make Your Crush Like You
Mind Control Spell: Sophia
My Beloved
Rawan's charm spell
Roses Love
Simple Love Spell
Sirens Bath
Spell of Adonis
Start a Flame in the Heart
Tea of Abundance Spell
The Marriage Bottle
To Attract Love
To Be Seen More Attractively.
To make someone love you
Waxen Heart Love Spell
Wishing for Love
A Love Brew
Abundance Balm
Abundance Tarot Spell
Already Lovers Spell
Aphrodite's Love Enchantment
Apple Love Spell
Attract Love Perfume Powder
Attraction Pouch
Break Up A Relationship
Bring Back My Love Spell
Color Correspondences
Cry of the Sea Love Symbol
Desire Me Spell
Dragonflies Appear To Me
Dream of Me
Dream of me spell
Energy Love Spell
Find Soul Mate
Herbal Charm to Attract Love
How To Bind Someone To You
Increase my love spell
Innocent Attraction
Joining Together Photo Spell
Lost love spell
Lost Pet Spell
Love Chant
Love perfume
Love Potion
Love Spell
Love Spell Actually Works!
Love Struck Potpourri
Lovers spell
Lucy's Love Potion
Lust Potion
Minerva Jane's Love Cider
Open Sesame
Powerful Love Ritual
Question regarding Love
Return Love
Rose Love Spell
Runic Love Spell
Simple Powerful Love Spell
Soul Attack (SM)
Steal Someone's Heart
Sweet Thoughts Jar
The Dark Charm
Think of Me
To Bring Your Soul Mate
To Find a Lover
To heal a broken relationship
To Make a Guy Listen to You
Universe Grant Wish
1825 English Love Spell
A Feelings Spell
A Love Charm
A Love Spell (Works)
A Passion Potion
a simple Beltane spell
A Simple Love Spell
A Spell To Attract A Lover
A Tracking spell
Abandonment Spell
Abundance Energy Spell
Acoda's Attraction Oil
Acoda's Love Spell
Akasha's Love Potion
Akasha's Lust Powder
Allure Elixir
Aphrodite's Love Charm
Apple Love
Apple Seed Love Spell
Artistic Inspiration
Ask Them Out, Stay With Them
Attract a Lover
Attract a new friend
Attract Birds
Attract Faithful Love
Attract Him
Attract the Perfect Lover
Attract ur lover
Attract Your Crush To You
Attracting the Love of One
Attraction Charm
Attraction of the opposite sex
Attraction Perfume
Attraction Rose Oil Jar
Attraction Spell
Attraction Spell
Basic Magical Oils
Be Mine
Beautiful Face
Beautiful hair spell
Beauty and Attraction
Beauty of Aphrodite
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Become a Mermaid / Merman
Become Popular
Become the ''Dream You''
Belong to Me
Bewitch the One You Love
Bigger Boobs
Body of Aphrodite
Bones of Anger... Hex
Break a Love Spell
Breast Enhancement
Brief Herbal Lesson
Bring back a lost love.
Bring Love Soon
Bring Love to Your Life
Bring two people back together
Buried Love
Call your lover to you
Candle Love Spell
Candle of Acceptance
Cards of Love
Celebrity Find You on Facebook
Cemetery Powerful Love Spell
Change Eye Color
Change your Clothes
Change your eye color
Changing your eye color
Charm to Invoke Love
Cherry Blossom Love Potion
Come to me Crush
Command Others
Confidence Spell
Cookies that give you power
Create the man of your dreams
Create Your Lover
Crush Rocks
Cupids Delight
Dark Love
Desire Love
Desire Oil
Dionysus Abundance Spell
Double the Money
Draw a New Lover to You
Drawing Money
Dreams of Desire
Duane Money Spell
Duane's Love
Duane's Undo
Duanes Friendship Spell
Easy and Quick Love Spell
Easy Love Spell
Easy Money Spell
Elemental Soul Charging (SM)
Eternal Love's Return
Eye color change ( SILVER )
Fairy magnet
Fall in Love
Fame Spell
Fastest and Easiest Love Spell
Fayrie Glamour
Find a Lover
Find True Love
Find Your Soulmate
Finding Love or Romance
Finding spell
Fire and Blood
Fireside Lust
Fix A Flaw
For a Lover to Come to You
Friendship Attraction Spell
Friendship Of Sprites
Gain a Friendship Back
Gaurenteed Love Spell
Gay Love Spell-2
Get A Lover By Midnight
Get Him to Love You
Get Someone To Ask You Out
Get your Crush to Love You!
Good Luck for You
Good Luck Spell
Grow Hair
Hair Color
Hair growth potion
Have a lover return
Heart Connection Spell
Hearts Join in Love
Help Find Soulmate
Honey Love Potion
How to attract a new Love
How to get someone to love you
How to summon Jeff the killer
Imagination Stretching Spell
Increase your Attractiveness
Infinte Love
Innocent Attraction Spell
Instant Love in 5 Days
Invoke Aphrodite
It's Over Between Us
JS Love Spell
Key to Your Heart
Kiss Me
Laurel Leaves
Lifting Shyness Spell
Look like Anyone
Love Attraction
Love Attraction Ritual
Love Bond
Love Charm
Love Drawing Spell
Love Eternus
Love Forever
Love from the Sea
Love Invitation
Love list spell
Love me
Love me now
Love Me or Die
Love needs to Go
Love Parchment
Love Perfume
Love Potion
Love Potion
Love Potion
Love Potion
Love Potion and Spell
Love Potion Spell
Love Slave
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell #1
Love Spell 55
Love spell for kids
Love spell not tested
Love Talisman and Affirmation
Love without seperation
Love/Sexual Poppet
Lover's Binding Charm
Luck in Business
Lucky Charm
Lure an Evil Spirit
Lust Potion
Magnificent Attraction spell
Make a Ex move back with You
Make a Guy Love You
Make a New Friend
Make A Working Magick Wand
Make her Fall for You
Make Him Love You
Make Him Love You
Make Someone Less Attractive
Make Someone Love You
Make Someone Love You
Make someone talk to you
Make Your Crush Love You
Make Yourself More Desirable
Melting Moments
Mermaid Beauty
Mermaid Spell/potion
Mind penetration
Mirror Beauty
Money Spell
Moon Magic/Mermaid Potion
Moonlight Kiss Love Charm
Morning Dew
Move to Me
Need Love Help? Try This!
Obsess Over Me *Testing*
Onion Love Growth
Otherkin Memory Bottle
Personality Change
Physically Change Body
Playing Card Love
Poppet Binding Spell
Potent Love
Potion for Beautiful Hair
Powerful beauty spell.
Powerful Blood love Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Red Apple Love
Red Rose Ritual
Relaxation Water Potion
Return to Me
Revenge love spell
Roses of love
Saint Peter Road Opener
Seashell of Love
Send a Message
Sex Spell
Shipment Love
Show your inner beauty spell
Simple Attraction Spell
Simple Lipstick Blessing
Simple Love Potion
Simple Love Spell
Simple Love Spell
Singing Spell
Sirens Call
Smoother Skin
Soul Mate
Soulmate Dreaming
Spell to Bring Someone Closer
Spell to find your Soul Mate
Spice Up Love Spell
Sticky Honey Love Spell
Stop Someone From Annoying You
Summom other Wiccans
Supernatural Beauty
Take Away Freckles and Zits
The Crush Spell
The Mental
The Perfect Mate
The Prayer of Intranquility
The simplest love spell
Think of Me
Think of Me Spell
To Attract Pixies
To attract [good] luck
To become popular
To call forth your Soul Mate
To Change Your Hair Color
To Coverse With A Serpent
To Find A Lover
To forget my lost love
To get Rid of an old Love
To Heal A Broken Relationship
To make a Person Love You
To meet your intended
Triple Goddess Love Spell
True Love Finder
True Love Spell
True Love Spell (For Girls)
Ugly Appearance
Undo a Love Spell
Vampire Charm
Voodoo Love Spell
Waters of Abundance Spell
Wish Upon A Leaf For Love
Witches Brew
7 Day Love Jar
A Reappear Spell
Aphrodesia Passion Tea
Attract Mr./Mrs. Right
Attraction amulet
Attraction Spell
Attraction Spell
Be a Love Magnet
Bell of Beauty
Bewitchment Oil
Bring a desired love to you
Bring Love to You
Bring your Need
Christian Latin Love Charm
Come To Me Oil
Crush on Me
Cupids Arrow Prayer
Desire Oil
Dove's Blood Ink
Dream of your Lover
Easy yet Powerful Love
Enchanting Love
Eye Color Spell
Falling in Love
Find a Lost Love
Flower Petal Love Charm
Get What You Want
Get your lover~
Hair Growing Spell
Harleen's Love Oil Formulas
Healthy Love
Honey jar love spell
HOw to have the best attitude
Induce Lust
Invite a Fae Spirit Home
Invoking Love
Jar Love Spell
Kaitlyn's Love Spell
Kissing Spell
Latin love charm IMPROVED
Long Distance Love
Look like Desired Self
Love Binding
Love Bringer
Love Candle Spell
Love Chant
Love Charm Bag
Love from Aphrodite
Love me spell
Love Potion
Love Potion
Love Potion
Love Potion 7
Love powder
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love spell
Love Spell
Love Spells
Lover's Oil
Lust Potion
Magic Herbs
Magick Ornament Spell
Magnetic Love Spell
Make Her Mine
Make someone Love You
Make someone love you
Mend a Friendship
Money Maker
My Love Spell
Nice Love
Non-specific Love
Obsession potion
Petals of Beauty
Pink Rose of Beauty
Powerful Love Spell
Quickie Love Chant
Red Rose Love Spell
Return to Me Candle Spell
Romance Magnet
Roses are Red lover spell
Sexy Spell
Simple Cupid Love
Simple Love Spell
Simple Spell for Finding Love
Skin Spell
Smooth Skin
Spell of True Love
Spell to make hair grow
Stone of Luck
Sweet Jar Candle Spell
The Flowerpot Spell
The Heart-Shaped Petal
The Medium
The Seeds Of Love Spell
The Stream Of Love Spell
Think of Me 2
To Attract The Opposite Sex
To Call a Witch Spell
To Conjure Up a Lover
To find What is Lost
To get a loving Response
To Obtain Love
To Strengthen Attraction
True Love Spell
Venus beauty spell
Voice of a Siren
Well Spell
Win the Heart of One You Love
Wish Charm- Manifestation.
Your Heart's Desire
A guide to talk with spirits/ghosts (Tested)
Attract The Right Person Into Your Life
Bowynn Garland of Blessed Abundance
Draw Love Into Your Home (Love Spell)
Love & Friendship Cauldron Spell
Make Someone Fall in Love with you Love Spell
Tibetan Buddhist Gau Love Spell
To Make A Certain Person Love You
To Rekindle your Loverís Interest
Casting spells and how to make them work
Melt His Heart With Love For You
To Attract a Lover Suited to You
A Simple Spell For Finding Love
Attract the ideal lover for you!
Change your eye color!!! ( Actually works!)
Fire Magick To Obtain Love From A Specific Person
Friendship Potion and Deactivation
Having Trouble Making A Specific Friend
How to Be Attractive to a Certain Person
Invoke The Prime Element Within Yourself
Love Poppets Spell to Return & Keep Your Lost Love
Love, protection, and beauty potion
Make someone stop or start loving someone
Obtain the love of a specific person
Spell to Attract a Certain Person
Talisman to Meet Your Perfect Match
To Bring a New Lover into Your Life
To Spark Love between Two People
A spell to make two people fall in love.
Attraction Charm *Simple & Easy*
Binding yourself to another soul
How to obtain love from a certian Person
Obtain Love From a Specific Person.
Strengthen your Relationship Spell
To Gain a Vision of Your True Love
To obtain Love from a Specific Person
breast growth & butt growth
obsession/extreme love spell
the nine knots of passion.
bad luck
element spell
love spell
love spell
love spell tested
mach maker
mend a broken heart
money spell no candles
popularity spell
relationship spell
simple love chant
skittles love potion
to find a lover
vampire spell just for you!
graceful spell
love vs hate spell
true love
dragon soulmate atraction spell (curintly testing)
classic heathen love prayer (females)
how to make a love potion *real*
Love and Loyalty Spell
Love For An Eternity
Love Me Madly Potion
Love Spell
Love That Works
Lust and Burning Desire
Make Someone Attracted to You
Manifestation Potion
Money Chant
Rose Water
Simple Love attraction mixture
Siren Love Charm
Sirens' Seduction
Spell To Attract A Lover
Sweet Spell
The Horseshoe Of Love
The Onion Of Love Spell
To attract the opposite sex
To Find Your True Love
Warm winter love spell
Who To Choose?
Youth spell
A Simple Love Spell
Abundance Moon Spell
Abundant Pantry Spell
An Herbal Beauty Charm Spell
Aphrodites Cast
Attention Spell
Attract Money Sachet
Attraction Charm
Black Passion Lust Spell
Break up Candle Spell
Change your eye color
Come To Me Oil
Cute Guys to like You
Do you like me?
Draw Love
Dream of Me Spell
Enchant Sexual Desire Spell
Eyes of Green
Get long hair really fast!
Honey Love Spell
I Steal Thy Heart
Influence Someone Spell
Invoke Pomba Gira
Lock Of Hair
Lost Object
Love Me
Love Potion
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love spell for Newbies
Loved By All
Luck & Love Connection
Luring Love
make crush CRAZY over you
Minerva Jane's Love Pouch
Paper Star Wishes
Powerful Japanese Love Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Repulsion spell
Reunite Lost Lovers
Rose Quartz Charm
Satanic Sex
Skin Whitening
Soul Charging
Sweet Jar Candle
Symbolic Box Spell
Think About Me Love Spell
To Attract True Love
To Clarify Relationships
To Find a New Lover
To Intensify Love
To make someone think of you
A simple love spell.
7 Days of Love
A Hair Color Change
A love spell
A Lovers Token
A real and working love spell
A Simple Love
A Song For A Valentine
A Spell to bring Somone Close
A Yogurt Facial
Acceptance Spell
Acne Vanishing Spell
Acoda's Love & Lust Spell
Advaced Love Spell
Akasha's Love Powder
Alleviate Ones Heart's Desire
Amresyrm; Acoda's Love Potion
Aphrodite's Will
Apple of Aphrodite
Are you guys truly in love?
Ask Me Out
Attract a Boy or Girl
Attract a Lover
Attract a New Person
Attract everyone
Attract Good Fortune
Attract Love
Attract to Me
Attract Your Crush
Attracting a New Friend
Attraction candle Love Spell
Attraction Incense
Attraction Oil
Attraction Potion
Attraction Spell
Attraction Spell
Attractive Touch
Be Awesome
Beautiful Appearance
Beautiful for a Day
Beauty Chant
Beauty on the Inside
Beauty Spell
Beauty spell
Beauty Time Girlfriend
Become More Attractive
Become Popular
Becoming Mermaid Spell
Better Musical Voice
Bewitch Your Love
Black magic spell
Bonding Ritual
Bottle of Love
Break Up Spell
Breast Enlargement
Bring a Lover to You
Bring Back Lost Love
Bring Love to you Sugar Spell
Bring Me a Lover
Bringing Home Your Soulmate
Burning Heart
Calling Love
Candle of Abundance Spell
Candy Store Spell
Catnip Attraction
Celtic Fairy Caller
Change eye color
Change you Eye Color
Change your clothes instantly!
Change Your Eye Color
Charm Sachet: Love
Check for Love
Clear as Night
Come To Me Love
Complex love spell
Create a Love Charm
Create True Love
Crossroads Spell
Crush Spell
Dark Attraction
Departing spell
Desire Me
Diana Love
Draw Your Crush To You
Dream of Me
Duane Friendship
Duane's Love
Duane's Love Charm
Duanes Attraction
Duanes Wishing Spell
Easy Love Potion #1
Easy Love Spell
Elemental desire
Enchanting Love Spell
Excite Passion in Another
Eye for Girls
Fall for me
Falling In Love Technique
Fashionista's Enchant
Fat spell
Fidelity Charm
Find new love
Find Your Soulmate
Find your true one
Finding Lover Spell
Fire and Blood
Fire Of Love Oil
Five Fold Kiss
flame of Aphrodite love spell
Flowers of Abundance
For Beauty
Friday Love
Friendship knot spell
Full Moon Love Spell
Garment Spell for Fidelity
Gay Love Spell
Gay signs Spell
Get Asked Out Tomorrow
Get Some Lovin' Action
Get What You Want
Get your ex back
Good Luck In Love Spell
Grow 7 inches
Hair Again
Hair growing position *tested*
Having A Helping Paw
Hearts and Flowers
Hearts of love spell
Herbs of Communication spell
Honey Love Spell
How to Find Lost Things
How to summon Eyeless Jack
I Wish for Love
Immortal Love Apple
Innocent Attraction
Instant Love brew
Invoke Aphrodite
Islamic Blessing Spell
Item Attraction
Keep Me Forever
Key to your heart spell
Kiss 'n' tell
Kiss me spell
Latin Love
Letter to Eros (Cupid)
Like a Bee to Honey
Lost Love Reunion Spell
Love and Desire
Love attraction jar
Love Binding Spell
Love Chant
Love Drawing Spell
Love Energy Potion
Love Finder
Love from the ocean
Love in All Aspects
Love Letter
Love Me
Love Me
Love Me or Die
Love Me Or You Will Die
Love Oil (oleum amare)
Love passed from the Godesses
Love Perfume
Love Potion
Love Potion
Love potion
Love Potion #9
Love Potion for Desperates
Love Simple
Love Spell
Love spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love spell
Love spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell #2
Love spell chant
Love spell for love
Love Sprinkling
Love Wish
Love You
Lover Attraction
Lovotikos Magikalicus
Luck Spell
Lunar Love Smoke
Lust for me or you shall die
Magic Strength Intensifier
Magnificent Attraction spell
Make a Girl Love You Forever
Make A Lucky Coin
Make a Perfect Guy Love You
Make Hair Grow
Make Him Love Me
Make him Love You
Make Lover Attentive
Make Someone Love You
Make Someone Love You
Make Someone More Attractive
Make them say they love you
Make Your Crush Love You
Making Your Own Balms
Memory Rite
Mermaid spell by:~Cleomermaid2
Mi Amor Spell
Mirror Beauty
Money Jar
Moon Love Spell
Moon Water
More than a friend
Mortal Vampire Spell
Musical Love Spell
Notice Me...
One True Love
Open the Third Eye
Paper Love Spell
Perfect Attraction
Photogenic Love
Piggy Bank Seed Money Spell
PokEmon Pets
Popularity Spell
Potent Love Spell
Potion of Love
Powerful Blood Love Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Powerful Love Spell
Quick Love Command
Red Eyes
Regaining a Lost Lover
Request to Selene
Reunite with an Ex
Rose Quartz Elixir
Running Through His Mind
Seal the Deal
Seeds of love
Serena's Song
Sexual Attraction
Show me the one Spel
Silver Ring Love Charm
Simple Hair Spell
Simple Love Potion
Simple Love Spell
Simple Love Spell
Sing Beautifully Spell
Siren Charm
Sirens Love Song
Someone Dream of You
Soul Mate Spell
Spell to Attract a Lover
Spell to Change Your Eye Color
Spell to Get Over an Ex
Star Spell of Abundance
Stone Attraction Spell
Strong Desire
Super Simple Lovespell
Sweet Bottle
The Angel Spell
The Lock of Hair
The Moon's Arrow
The Pink Bubble
The Rose Of Love
The Wedding Ring Spell
Think Of Me Crush
Think of Me Spell
To attract your crush
To Beckon a Person
To Bind A Love To You
To Catch a Thief
To Clear the Air between Lover
To find a love
To Find Your Soulmate
To Gain the Heart of Another
To grant power
To Heal a Rift
To Make Someone Think of You
To Summon a Lover
Traditional Dirty Love
True Beauty
True Love Finder
True love spell
Truly In Love
Ugly Face
Vampier Chant
Vampire Spell +++
Volatile Love Spell
Waxing Moon Hair GrowtH
Wishes Come True
Your Not Gonna Steal Boyfriend
A Love Spell
Animal Attraction Spell
Arrow love spell
Attract Him
Attraction Spell
Attraction Spell
Awaken a Spirit
Beauty Spell
Bingo Love
Bottle Magic
Bring back your Lost Love
Bring together two people
Change part of your body
Classic Love Potion #9
Copper Tube
Create Love
Cupid's Cleansing
Deep True Affection
Diet Spells
Draw Wicca Closer
Drops of Love
Emotion Potion
Energy of Love and Desire
Fall in Love Spell
Finacial Growth
Find a Lover
Follow Me
Get your Crush to Notice You
Great Money Spell
Healing Skin
Honey Jar
Horse Spell
I Love you Dream of Me
Instant Love
Invoking Love
Isis Love Spell
Job Attracting Spell
Key to Your Heart Spell
Knot Attraction Spell
Lonely Day Spell
Longer Nails Spell
Love and Lust Powder
Love Binding Potion
Love Candle Ritual
Love Chant
Love charm
Love for Couples
Love Me
Love More
Love potion
Love Potion
Love Potion #9
Love Potion Tea
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell by *MentalChild*
Lover Spell Really works
Lovers spell
Madly in Love Spell
Magic Tips
Magnetic Lodestone Love Pouch
Make Her Love Me
Make someone Attracted to You
Make Someone Love You
Marriage Oil
My Love Come to Me
New Moon Love Spell
Night Mother Love
Notice Me
Pagan Love
Physical Body Change
Potato Skin Curse
Prosperity Spell
Recipe for: Love Potion Tea
Return a Wandering Lover
Reuniting Reflections Spell
Romance Magnet Oil
Seven-Knot Love
Silver Ring Love Charm
Simple Love Potion
Simple Love Spell
Skin Care Spell
Smart spell
Someone Special: Garlic Charm
Spell to get your Ex Back
Star of Love
Sweet Crush Spell
Sweet Smell of Love
The Heart of the Matter Spell
The Hyacinth Spell
The Pepper And Salt Spell
The Sirens
Think About Me Spell
To attract Friends
To Bond with an Object
To call Love to You
To Draw Feminine Energy
To Get a Lover Back
To Have Your Love Returned
To Procure Love with a Candle
True Love Potion
True Love Spell
Very Simple Romance
Wealth Attraction Bath
Willow Love
Winds of Fate
Wish for a Token of Love
Your Heart's Desire
A Simple Spell for Finding Love
Attractive Potion (Girls Only!)
Cinnamon money bowl *powerful *
Increase Popularity and Love Aura
Make Someone Dream of You Spell
Powers of Love, Make Him/Her Return
To Bring Someone into your Life
To Obtain Love from a Specific Person
A Traditional Gypsy Love Potion
Love spell to hypnotise someone in your love
The Marriage of Venus and Mars
Verus Diligo - A Spell for True Love
3 Nights of Hell... Candle Spell
All-purpose Beauty potion and Chant
Awesome special luck spell*(testing...)*
Egyptian Magic Lust and Passion Spell
Flower Basket of Abundance Spell
Get Absent Lover to Call/Write You
Hex to bring... ''Discord and Darkness''!
How to Tell if Your Crush Likes You
Love Attraction Magick Mirror Spell
Love Spell to Attract the Attention of the One You Desire
Make some one fall in love with you (WARNING THIS IS REAL AND AFFECTS MAY VARY)
Make Someone Think of you Nonstop
Sending a Message to a Departed Love
Strawberries for Friendship Potion
To Allow Two Lovers To Be Together
To Obtain Love From A Specific Person
Traditional 'Vampire Becoming' Spell
Attract a New Lover to Someone Else
Be invisible for others or more visible then others
Black Magic Spell to Attract True love
Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You
Spell To Draw Good Energies To You
To Draw a New Lover to You (Attraction Charm)
To Get Your Crush To Ask You Out by olivia cloud
~(o)~Black Love Spell For Teens~(o)~
love ring (easy)
sex and love spell
absolute beauty
change race spell (tested)
love perfume mixture spell
love spell
love spell
lucky me spell
make them love you
mermaid spell
persuasion spell
potion of love
sexy spell
sirens voice
unbreakable love spell
communicate gate
helping a friend with love
success spell
unite two lovers
attraction charm for your favorite scent you wear
he loves me not, he loves me! *girls spell*


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