The Seeds Of Love Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A piece of heart-shaped jewellery
  • Some items made of copper or brass
  • A piece of rose quartz
  • Two red roses
  • An apple
  • One or two photographs of happy couples
  • One white altar candle
  • One pink taper candle
  • Oil of ylang-ylang or patchouli
  • A small flowerpot filled with potting compost
  • Your knife
  • A small glass of water

Great things grow from small beginnings. Love is a great thing, apple seeds are small. Put the two together and true love may well blossom.

Casting Instructions for 'The Seeds Of Love Spell'

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Decorate your altar with the heart-shaped jewellery, the copper or brass items, the quartz and the red roses. Lay the photographs between the two candles.

Kneel in front of your altar, light the white candle and meditate for a minute or two on Venus, goddess of love. See yourself in a loving relationship. Light the pink candle and rise slowly to your feet, opening your arms wide above your head, and say softly:

"Venus shining in the night,
Bless my heart with love and light.
Loved in truth I wish to be.
Listen to my prayer, my plea.
May I love and be loved in turn,
As brightly as the candles burn.
If I AM lovedhelp me see it
And it harm no one. So be it."

Allow the pink candle to burn down and while it does so peel and core the apple. Remove the pips and press them into the compost. Drizzle some water onto them saying:

"As the seeds I have planted begin to grow
May the love that I have begin to show.
And it harm none, so be it."

By the time the first shoots appear, the first signs of a new love may have bloomed.


This article was contributed by Wiccan1998

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