A very simple romance spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Beautiful fresh pink roses (to represent the beautiful and charming woman that you are.)
  • Rose water.
  • 5 Rose quartz crystals (To represent the earth element and five to show the five points of the wiccan star.)
  • Lots of Pink candles. (For fire, because you want the man in your life to have a warm, kind heart)
  • Sandlewood inscence. (To represent the element of air.)
  • A nice warm bath to soak yourself in.

This is a spell for all you girls that are in a relationship and wish their boyfriend/partner/ husband was more romantic and attentive OR a spell for single girls who are searching for their prince charming and keep meeting guys who only have interest in one night stands. Ladies, you deserve so much better!

Casting Instructions for 'A very simple romance spell'

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I had this spell given to me by a witch who (like me) enjoys writing her own spells so a big thank you to her because this spell will give you endless love and fun. I love Rose quartz crystals. I keep them in vases with red roses in my bedroom. I always have one or two by my bed as well. So get hold of some of these (available at new age/ wiccan shops.) excellent for charming spells, love and romance enchantment.

Run yourself a beautiful hot bath
Light all your pink candles (you can place them around the bath or just around the bathroom keeping your safety in mind when getting in and out of the bath!)
Sprinkle your rose petals over the surface of the water then swirl them in the water in a clockwise motion and breathe in the sweet smell.
Light your insence and fan the smoke a little with your hand.

Then place the rose quartz crystals so you have one on the edge of the bath above your head, one to your left and one to your right. Then one at the foot of the bath to your left foot and another to your right foot. (Think of your body as a star shape.)

Get in the bath, slowly allow your body to relax and your mind to meditate, focus on your breathing and the warmth of the lovely water. This spell was created in the mindset of a woman who wants a romantic relationship. I love being bought red roses and chocolates but true romance comes from just being there to offer a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen or just someone to rubs your feet after a tough day at work. Think about this as you lay in the bath, daydream about your man making you a lovely candle dinner or giving you a neck rub and kissing your neck and telling you how lucky he is to be with you.

Say out loud : "I'm worthy of love, I am worthy of grace passion and furfillment take their place. In my head and in my mind true love and romance is now mine."

After saying your enchantment bathe yourself in your rose water, this is excellent for your skin and its works as a great toner after cleansing.
Get out of the bath and dry yourself down.

One word of warning when doing this love spell: you must believe that you are worthy of being treated like a princess for this spell to work. If you in a relationship that has gone a little... shall we say, "stale" and you cast your spell and nothing changes then maybe this is a sign that this person isn't right for you but someone else is.


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